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responds that O’Brien will nevertheless be shot for treason. Professor Bunn, however, points out that all English noblemen nowadays are more than half American, and America is the friend of Ireland. Therefore, the Lieutenant is a friend of the rebels, and it would be absurd to have them shot. The Lieutenant agrees that this is conclusive, and all ends happily. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. Have ye heard the brave news? (Chorus of Peasants) ‡ 2. My Friends... I’m descended from Brian Boru (Terence and Chorus) 3. Of Viceroys though we’ve had (Murphy and Chorus) 4. If you wish to appear as an Irish type (Bunn and Chorus) 5. On the Heights of Glantaun (Molly, Terence, and Murphy) 6. Two is Company (Rosie, Susan, Terence & Bunn) 7. Entrance of Lord Lieut., Countess and Chaplain: I am the Lord Lieutenant (Lord Lieut., Countess, and Dr. Fiddle) 8. At an early stage of life (Lord Lieut. with Rosie, Countess, and Dr. Fiddle) 9. When Alfred’s friends their king forsook (Countess) † 10. Oh, setting sun you bid the world good-bye (Rosie) † 11. Their courage high you may defy (Rosie, Susan, Molly, Terence and Bunn) 12. Entrance of Soldiers: That we’re soldiers no doubt you will guess (Chorus of Soldiers and Girls) 13. Now this is the song of the Devonshire Men (Sergeant and Chorus) † 14. Entrance of Bunn: It is past my comprehension... Many years ago I strode (Bunn and Molly with Chorus) 15. Their fathers fought at Ramillies (Ensemble) Act II 16. Is there anyone approachin (Chorus of Peasant Men with Dan) 17. Bedad, it’s for him that will always employ (Chorus of Men) † 18. Jig (Peasants) † 18a. Och, the spalpeen! Let him drown! (Chorus) † 19. Oh have you met a man in debt (Terence and Chorus) 20. Twas in Hyde Park, beside the row (Rosie, Terence, and Chorus) 21. I cannot play at love (Molly, Kathleen, Bunn, Rosie, and Chorus) † 22. Oh the age, in which we’re living (Bunn, with Susan) † 23. Sing a rhyme (Kathleen, Terence, Bunn, Susan, and Chorus) 24. Listen, hearken my lover (Rosie, Terence and Murphy) † 25. Good-bye my native town (Murphy) † 26. I love you! I love you! (Molly and Murphy) † 27. There was once a little soldier (Terence with Chorus) 28. With a big shillelagh (Ensemble) † – Number composed entirely by German ‡ – Number composed entirely by Sullivan CAST Pat Murphy Professor Bunn Black Dan Sergeant Pincher Dr Fiddle D.D Terence O'Brien Perry Earl of Newtown Mickie O'Hara Countess of Newtown Lady Rosie Pippin Susan Kathleen Molly O'Grady Nora