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This is not a typical musical-comedy score and the singers should be comfortable with pop styles. 'It is an elegy, not just to 'Angels, punks and raging queens', but to suffering and togetherness.' The Times 'Bursts with humour, rage and hope.' Backstage CAST: Male 20 - 25: Female 11 - 16 (doubling and expanding possible) ORCHESTRATION: On application to rights holder Discography: Original Cast Recording - First Night CASTCD 35 Northern Irish Cast Recording THE NAMES PROJECT AIDS MEMORIAL QUILT Propelled by the death of a close friend from AIDS, a San Francisco man named Cleve Jones searched for a way to make people understand the loss and frustration that he and so many others felt. Meeting with several strangers who shared the common bond of similar loss and the hope of creating something that would serve as a lasting symbol of love and remembrance to those who had died, the idea of a quilt emerged. Consisting of 6' by 3' panels, each representing an individual lost to AIDS, the quilt was first displayed in Washington DC in October 1987. At that time, it included approximately 1,500 panels. Displayed again in Washington in October 1992, the quilt had grown to over 20,000 panels covering 17 acres. Panels, primarily created by family or friends of the person commemorated, have been sent from countries all over the world. The materials used in the quilt include afghans, Barbie dolls, credit cards, sequins, wedding rings, pearls, stuffed animals and feather boas. In 1988, the Names project was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize - If you would like more information about the quilt or would like to see it, please contact the national office. The Names Project (UK), 86 Constitution Street, Edinburgh EH6 6RP. Telephone. 031-555 3446. Fax 031-555 3453. Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens (2001 New York Concert Cast)