Shows D

Septet and Chorus – "Now let's to bed" (Dorothy, Lydia, Wilder, Sherwood, Lurcher, and Bantam) Recit and Quartett – "One moment pray" (Dorothy, Lydia, Wilder, and Sherwood) 16a. Ballad – "I stand at your threshold sighing" ("Queen of my Heart") (Sherwood) Trio – "Are you sure that they are all in bed?" (Wilder, Sherwood, and Bantam) Chorus with Dorothy, Lydia, Wilder, Sherwood, Bantam, and Lurcher – "What noise was that" Act II Finale – "Hark forward" Act III Act III – Ballet Chorus – "Dancing is not what it used to be" Ballad – "The time has come when I must yield" (Phyllis) Septet and Chorus – "What joy untold to feel at last" Act III Finale – "You swore to be good and true" No. 16a became a successful ballad standard, "Queen of My Heart." INSTRUMENTATION - (Total number of books = 17) 2 Violins I ; 1 Violin II ; 1 Viola ; 1 Cello/Double Bass ; 1 Flute I ; 1 Flute II ; 1 Oboe ; 1 Clarinet I ; 1 Clarinet II ; 1 Bassoon ; 1 Horn I ; 1 Cornet ; 1 Trombone ; 1 Drums ; 1 Timpani ; 1 Conductor Score annotated vocal score Note Three acts of one scene each should present little trouble for any company. Choreography calls for many short dances in the period of the piece. In all, it is an easy show to stage and, despite its age, is a delightful musical. DISCOGRAPHY World premiere recording