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The guests retire to rest, and in the dark, Wilder, Sherwood and Lurcher carry out Wilder's scheme. Cloaked and masked, they capture Squire Bantam and tie him up. At the same time, Sherwood binds Wilder. The house is soon roused by the cries; but when the guests reappear they find that the robbers have taken none of Bantam's money, but have, it seems, robbed the "duke" of a large amount (coincidentally equalling the sum of Wilder's debts). Feeling responsible for this misfortune under his roof, Bantam insists on making good the "duke"'s loss. Act III Dorothy and Lydia test the fidelity of their two admirers. The men have repented of their temporary infatuations of the previous night and have sent letters to Dorothy and Lydia affirming that they remain devoted to Dorcas and Abigail. By return the men receive challenges to duels, ostensibly from two young gentlemen outraged at their conduct to the two young ladies, but in fact written by Dorothy and Lydia. The young women turn up disguised as men at the appointed site for the duel. They are pleased that Wilder and Sherwood are so dedicated to "Dorcas" and "Abigail" that they will risk their lives in a duel for the sake of their devotion. On the other hand, the ladies are anxious that the duels should not go ahead. Squire Bantam arrives, having learned of the burglary plot from Lurcher. He will forgive his errant nephew if he will consent to marry Dorothy. The ladies overlook the men's temporary wavering of the night before, and the couples are married. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS (plus Chorus) Dorothy (soprano) Lydia (mezzo) Geoffrey (tenor) Sir John (baritone) Lurcher (baritone) Harry (baritone) Phyllis (contralto) Mrs Privett (non-singing) MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I Opening Chorus and Ballet – "Lads and lasses round about the hop-pole trip" Song with Trio – "Be wise in time, Oh Phyllis mine" (Dorothy, Lydia, and Phyllis) Quartet – "We're sorry to delay you" (Dorothy, Lydia, Wilder, and Sherwood) Ballad – "With such a dainty dame none can compare" (Wilder) Quintet – "A father's pride and joy they are" (Dorothy, Lydia, Wilder, Sherwood, and Tuppitt) Song and Trio – "I am the Sheriff 's faithful man" (Lurcher, Wilder, and Sherwood) Quartet – "You swear to be good and true" (Dorothy, Lydia, Wilder, and Sherwood) Chorus with Solo – "Under the pump" (Lurcher) Act I Finale – "Now take your seats at table spread" Act II Act II Introduction and Country Dance Song – "Though born a man of high degree" (Wilder and Chorus) Music for the Entrance of Dorothy and Lydia Graceful Dance Song – "Contentment I give you and all that it brings" (Bantam)