Shows D

Boopsie and B.D. have a discussion about B.D.'s feelings, which is broken off when B.D. receives a message from Sid Kibbitz, his agent. B.D. is being traded to Tampa Bay from Dallas. B.D. leaves, Honey enters, and Honey and Boopsie sing about the complicated men in their lives (Duke and B.D., respectively). Outside, Zonker attempts to confront Duke, who lets his nephew in on his plan to use the "drug rehab facility" as a front to turn the land Walden sits on into a multi-million dollar condo venture. The gullible Zonker agrees to help his uncle with the plan. Mike and Joanie return to Walden, where J.J. has been taking care of Jeffrey. Mike runs off to get dressed for graduation, and Joanie and J.J. attempt reconciliation. Roland arrives with a crew to interview the new graduates, and informs Mark of a potential job offer at a radio station on Long Island, New York. Roland also discusses B.D.'s trade to Tampa Bay, both sing in praise of President Reagan's domestic policies, and introduce "Muffy and the Topsiders", a band made up of preppies (Boopsie, Mike, Mark and Zonker in different costumes). Zonker reveals Duke's plan for condos to Mike and Mark, as Duke--his plans crushed after Joanie successfully obtains an injunction against him--succumbs to a massive amount of hallucinogens and crashes his bulldozer into their living room. Mike blurts out his proposal to J.J., who accepts. At graduation, Mike and J.J. reveal their plans to Zonker to go off and be married, and Mark reveals his plans to go to New York, leaving Zonker as the only remaining resident of Walden. Roland covers the ceremony, in which full names of several of the characters are revealed. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Graduation — Reathel Bean, Ralph Bruneau, Keith Szarabajka, Laura Dean, Mark Linn-Baker, Albert Macklin 2. Just One Night — Ralph Bruneau 3. I Came to Tan — Albert Macklin, Ensemble 4. Guilty — Gary Beach, Ensemble 5. I Can Have It All — Laura Dean, Ensemble 6. Get Together — Kate Burton, Ralph Bruneau 7. Baby Boom Boogie Boy — Mark Linn-Baker, Reathel Bean, Ensemble 8. Another Memorable Meal — Ralph Bruneau, Keith Szarabajka, Laura Dean, Mark Linn-Baker, Albert Macklin, Kate Burton, Barbara Andres 9. Just a House — Ensemble 10. Complicated Man — Lauren Tom, Laura Dean 11. Real Estate — Gary Beach, Albert Macklin 12. Mother — Kate Burton, Barbara Andres 13. It’s the Right Time to Be Rich — Keith Szarabajka, Reathel Bean 14. Muffy & The Topsiders — Laura Dean, Ralph Bruneau, Mark Linn-Baker, Albert Macklin 15. Just One Night (Reprise) — Ralph Bruneau, Kate Burton, 16. Graduation (Reprise) — Ensemble CAST: Roland Mike Doonesbury Mark B.D. Boopsie Zonker Duke Honey J.J. Joanie Provost