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SCENES AND SETTINGS: The action takes place at a rehearsal of Ibsen's A Doll's House: 1982. Act 1 Scene 1: A Rehearsal of Ibsen's A Doll's House -1982. Scene 2: The Train. Scene 3: The Cafe Europa. Scene 4: Street Outside the Cafe Europa. Scene 5: Otto's Room. Scene 6: Backstage at the Opera. Scene 7: An Opera Reading. Scene 8: Otto's Room. Scene 9: Cannery. Scene 10: Prison. Scene 11: The Opera House. Act 2 Scene 1: Eric's Bedroom. Scene 2: Billiard Room. Scene 3: Billiard Room. The next morning. Scene 4: The Grand Cafe. Spring, Fall, Winter. Scene 5: The Living Room. MUSICAL NUMBERS: Prologue - Nora, Company A Woman Alone - Nora, Otto, Mr. Zetterling, Company Letter to the Children - Nora New Year's Eve - Eric, Johan, Dr. Berg, Mr. Gustafson Stay with Me, Nora - Otto, Nora The Opera Audition: Arrival - Astrid Loki and Baldur - Otto, (Audition) Singers You Interest Me - Johan Departure - Astrid, Company Letter from Klemnacht - Astrid Learn to Be Lonely - Nora Rats and Mice and Fish - Women Jailer, Jailer/Letter to the Children (reprise) - Nora, Women Excerpts from 'Loki and Baldur' Company Rare Wines- Eric, Johan No More Mornings - Nora There She Is - Johan, Eric, Otto Power - Nora Letter to the Children (reprise) - Nora At Last - Johan The Grand Cafe - Company Can You Hear Me Now?/Finale - Nora and Company Discography Original Broadway Cast Recording - Bay View BCD 3031