Shows D

19. Song - Hélène - When all the Eastern sky's a-blush with rosy flush of day new-born... 20. Duet - Sam & Peggy - Mary and Jane were two little girls with babyish caps and innocent curls... 21. Song - Sam & Chorus - I've had some frights awake at night, I've had some shocks by day... 22. Quartet - Peggy, Winnie, Sam, Frank & Chorus - The Fates be kind to us tonight... 23. Finale Act II - See the old sea serpent swimming in the sea... Addendum. Song - Hélène & Chorus - On a sea-girt cliff grew a budding rose, and oh, she was fair to see... SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT I - Lady Brudenell's Model Dairy at Hindstead. ACT II Scene 1 - The Officers' Mess on board H.M.S. Merryman. Scene 2 - The Gymnasium at Miss Pyechase's Academy. CAST Lady Brudenell Sam Brudenell Frank Brudenell Capt. Fred Leverton . . Dr O'Byrne Joe Mivens Tim Capus Lt. Brereton Jack Biffen Todgers Peggy Winifred Hélène Miss Penelope Pyechase Eliza Daisy Betty Joan Jenny Nancy Rosie Gertie Bessie The Sandow Girls AMERICAN VERSION 1. Opening Chorus (Music by Frank E. Tours.) 2. Home Again (Music by Frank E. Tours.) 3. It's Naughty to Be Kissed (Duet) (Music by William T. Francis. Lyrics by J. B. Loughrey.) - Peggy 4. (I Must Have) A Lot of Little Girls All 'Round Me (Music by Frank E. Tours. Lyrics by Paul Rubens.) Joe 5. Quarrel Duet (Music and Lyrics by J. J. Montague and Paul Rubens.) 6. I've a Million Reasons Why I Love You (Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by M. E. Rourke.) 7. How the Winds Blow (Music by Frank E. Tours.) 8. Lazyland (Music by Paul Rubens.) 9. Tinker, Tailor - (Music by Paul Rubens.) Peggy, Male Chorus 10. Poaching (Duet) (Music by Paul Rubens.) - Joe 11. Finale Act 1 12. Gymnasium Chorus (Music by Paul Rubens.) 13. Hello, Little Stranger (Hullo! Little Stranger!) (Music by Paul Rubens. Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis.) - Winifred 14. Wild Rose - Hélène 15. Swimming song - Hélène 16. The Hay Ride (Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by M. E. Rourke.) 17. (Never Marry a Girl with) Cold Feet (Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by M. E. Rourke.)