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new people checking in are British. How very much better the British are than than Americans. Renato has visited the pensione before Leona was up and, hearing this, she joyfully hurries to the shop to make amends. She finds him there but his manner towards her is different. He knows now that a relationship with her would be impossible. He is too old for the complications of a woman such as she. If the complication was merely another man, or something to do with money, he could manage, but with her the complication is herself. There has been pleasure, there has been affection, but the feeling is gone. They cannot start again. From now on, it is just friends - and goodbye. CAST: - 4 men, 5 women, 1 boy, chorus Leona Samish Renato Di Rossi Signora Fioria Eddie Yaeger Jennifer Yaeger Mr. McIlhenny Mrs. McIlhenny Giovanna Vito Mauro MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act I 1. Overture 2. Someone Woke Up – Leona Samish 3. This Week Americans – Signora Fioria 4. What Do We Do? We Fly! – Leona Samish, Mrs. McIlhenny, Mr. McIlhenny, Eddie Yaeger and Jennifer Yaeger 5. Someone Like You – Renato Di Rossi 6. Bargaining – Renato Di Rossi 7. Here We Are Again – Leona Samish, Vito and Ragazzi 8. Thinking – Renato Di Rossi and Leona Samish 9. No Understand – Signora Fioria, Eddie Yaeger and Giovanna 10. Take the Moment – Renato Di Rossi Act II 11. Moon in My Window – Jennifer Yaeger, Signora Fioria and Leona Samish 12. We’re Gonna Be Alright [revised] – Eddie Yaeger and Jennifer Yaeger 13. Do I Hear a Waltz? – Leona Samish and Company 14. Stay – Renato Di Rossi 15. Perfectly Lovely Couple – Leona Samish, Renato Di Rossi, Mr. McIlhenny, Mrs. McIlhenny, Jennifer Yaeger, Eddie Yaeger, Giovanna and Signora Fiora 16. Thank You So Much – Renato Di Rossi and Leona Samish 17. Finale INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (flute, piccolo, opt. alto flute, opt. clarinet), Reed II (flute, piccolo, clarinet), Reed III (oboe, opt. cor anglais, clarinet), Reed IV (opt. flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon), 2 trumpets (1st db. flugelhorn), 3 trombones (3rd db. bass trombone), 2 percussion, harp db. celeste, piano, guitar db. mandolin, strings. DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast Recording - Sony Broadway SK 48206