Shows D

In a corral, it shows that the party has already started (“The Social”). The townsfolk are seen dancing with each other until Kent and his gang crash the party and threaten the people with whips until Destry shows up and takes down Kent’s gang. The town then gratefully thanks Destry and finish the social. At the end of the social, Destry thanks everyone for the party, until he is interrupted by Clagget, who is armed with a rifle. He is followed by his wife, who pleads that he put the gun down. Clagget proclaims that he won’t put the gun down until he’s killed Kent and his gang. Destry interferes, taking Clagget’s rifle while they shook hands. Clagget explains that Kent put him and his wife off their ranch this morning. He retells the story of how he was cheated in the poker game. He also says a little bit about the former sheriff. A few of the other townsmen tell Destry that Kent also took their ranches through similar means. Destry reluctantly tells Clagget that there’s nothing that he could do until there was more evidence. Clagget’s wife snaps at Destry and the two leave. A gleeful Kent thanks Destry and leaves as well with his gang. The townspeople, who now despise Destry turn away from him. At Frenchy’s house, Destry pays a visit to Frenchy. Frenchy then tries to use this opportunity to seduce Destry (“I Know Your Kind”). Destry politely tells Frenchy that he was on official business but Frenchy becomes angry anyway. Destry gets Frenchy to admit that she had something to do with the disappearance of Sheriff Keogh. She then threatens to throw a perfume bottle at Destry if he didn’t leave. Destry leaves, and Clara enters and begins to talk about Destry. Frenchy shoos her out and fumes about Destry (“I Hate Him”). She finishes by smashing her brush into her mirror. At Rose Lovejoy’s house, the men of Bottleneck admire Rose Lovejoy and her girls (“Paradise Alley”). Frenchy and Destry run into each other and Frenchy apologizes for what she did at her house. They try to be impersonal and impartial but fail (“Anyone Would Love You”). Destry then meets up with Wash and indirectly tells him that he’s in love (“Once Knew a Fella”). Then Destry shows Wash important papers that Sheriff Keogh had left behind and Destry tells Wash that he’s got a plan and they were going to catch the culprit tonight. The town then celebrates their “every once in a while” (“Every Once in a While”). The saloon is packed and Frenchy performs a song (“Fair Warning”). Destry whispers to Wash to follow Gyp Watson to see if he can lead them to the sheriff ’s body. Destry is then confronted by Kent, who tells Destry to stop investigating Keogh’s disappearance. Destry refuses to and hints that he knows where the body is hidden. Kent then sends Gyp Watson to go and check if the body was still where they hid it. Wash follows Gyp and catches him red-handed with Sheriff Keogh’s body. He arrests Gyp and tells Destry. Destry then announces to the town that Gyp Watson has been arrested for murder. Bugs Watson becomes furious, claiming that his brother didn’t kill Sheriff Keogh. Kent then sends Frenchy to announce that Mayor Slade would by trying Gyp’s case and the jury would be made up of patrons of the Last Chance Saloon. Wash disappointedly hands Destry two pistols and walks away. Act 2 Destry leaves town to get a Federal Marshal, and Kent decides that a jail-break is the best way to keep Gyp from talking. Destry returns, but Wash is killed, and so Destry uses gunplay to stop the outlaws. A repentant Frenchy keeps Destry from being killed, and the two embrace at last.[3] Destry and Frenchy plan to be married. CAST: - Male - 14; Female - 6; plus chorus (total cast about 40) • Destry - Warm, gentle, likeable, takes command when necessary: good voice • Frenchy - disarming, flashy dance-hall star, powerful voice. • Gyp Watson, Bugs Watson & Rockwell - bad guys, dance trio, excellent dancers, must be able to handle bull-whips. • Wash - Comedy character man, sings • Kent - Ringleader of the bad guys, straight role • Large chorus of dance-hall girls, girls from Paradise Alley, cowboys and townspeople.