Shows D

16. LADIES - Ruth's Mother and Dorcas 17. BERTIE'S WALTZ - Bertie, Ruth, Old Dessa, Dorcas and Ruth's Mother 18. AT THE GLEN - Ruth 19. Scene: "Good afternoon, Odessa..." - Nehemiah and Dessa Rose 20. Scene: "Observations on the famed devil Woman..." - Nehemiah 21. CAPTURE THE GIRL - Nehemiah and Dessa Rose 22. Scene: "Janet? Philip?..." - Ruth and Old Dessa 23. Scene: "The people on her place..." - Old Dessa and Ruth 24. Scene: "MISS. WE WAS ONLY" - Nathan, Ruth and Old Dessa 25. FLY AWAY - Woman Parishioners, Men, Nehemiah, Dessa Rose, Old Ruth, and Susannah 26. Scene: "That's the first time..." - Nehemiah and Dessa Rose 27. Scene: "I'm sorry, Master..." - Gemina and Nehemiah 28. FLY AWAY (Conclusion) / HOW LONG WILL IT BE? - Dessa Rose. Nathan, Gemina and Fieldhands 29. Dessa Rose Escapes Nehemiah 30. TERRIBLE - Nehemiah, Gemina. Tina, Joy, Joseph, Eric, Dessa Rose, Nathan, Harker, 31. Philip and Old Ruth 32. Scene: "Mmm...Hmm..." - Ruth anti Dessa Rose 33. Scene: "Obstinate little fool..." - Ruth 34. THEIR EYES ARE CLEAR. BLUE LIKE SKY - Rose, Ruth and Old Dessa 35. Scene: "This baby don't need no name" - Dessa Rose and Ruth 36. 'TWELVE CHILDREN - Dessa Rose ACT TWO 37. NOAH'S DOVE - Field Hands, Nathan, Old Ruth, Dorcas, Ruth and Old Dessa 38. Scene: "Through talking to Nathan..." - Old Dessa, Nathan, Ruth and Old Ruth 39. Scene: "Why y'all call her Devil Woman?"..." - Ruth and Nathan 40. Scene: "It was then I knew..." Old Ruth 41. FLY AWAY (Reprise) - Janet, Annabel, Ilarker. Philip, Ada, Nathan and Ensemble 42. Scene: "Ah, look here!..." - Nathan, Dessa Rose, Ada, Ruth, Janet, Annabel, Philip. Janet and Harker 43. THE SCHEME - Nathan, Ilarker and Ensemble 44. Scene: "Nathan thinks we might could..." - Harker, Annabel, Philip, Janet and Ada 45. Scene: "Why Miz Ruth..." - Nathan and Ruth 46. IN THE BEND OF MY ARM - Kaine, Dessa Rose, Ruth, Nathan and Nehemiah 47. Scene: "Miz... Nathan! Nathan..." - Dessa Rose and Nathan 48. BETTER IF I DIED - Dessa Rose, Nathan, Ruth and Company 49. TEN PETTICOATS - Ruth's Mother and Dorcas 50. Scene: "We organized to go..." - Harker, Joseph. Annabel. Ruth, Old Dessa and Old Ruth 51. JUST OVER THE LINE - Dessa Rose, Ruth, Nathan, Old Ruth, Old Dessa, Auctioneer#1, Janet, Ada, Annabel. Harker. Philip, Auctioneer #2, Young Black Woman, Nehemiah and Susannah 52. Scene: "Now things was going..." - Old Dessa, Ruth and Mr. Oscar 53. A PLEASURE - Ruth, Mr. Oscar and Dessa Rose 54. Scene: "That Mr. Oscar is..." Ruth and Dessa Rose 55. Scene: "Not if your tongue gets loose..." - Dessa Rose. Ruth, Old Dessa and Mr. Oscar 56. Scene: "I understood..." - Old Dessa 57. WHITE MILK AND RED BLOOD - Old Ruth and Dorcas 58. Scene: "They tell you about..." - Old Dessa 59. Scene: "Anna. I swear you are as slow as molasses..." - Ruth and Dessa Rose 60. Scene: "It was just like her..." - Old Dessa, Nehemiah and Sheriff Pine FINAL SEQUENCE: • Scene: "Master, master..." - Dessa Rose, Nehemiah and Sheriff Pine • Scene: "S'caped..." Nehemiah. Sheriff Pine and Ruth • Scene: "I don't want your money, child..." - Auntie Chole and Dessa Rose • Scene: "Sheriff, this gal ain't got..." - Auntie Chole. Nehemiah and Sheriff Pine • Scene: "Sheriff, I got..." Nehemiah and Sheriff Pine