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THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ENTIRE WORLD as Seen Through the Eyes of COLE PORTER Music and lyrics by Cole Porter, based on the New York production directed by Ben Bagley Square East Theatre Off-Broadway 30 March, 1965 (273 perfs) Ben Bagley has taken well-known songs, and some less well-known ones, and used them to show that Cole Porter was not only writing on one level, but that his lyrics contain many layers - including some that would have shocked audiences of his time! Ben Bagley writes "My revuesical shows that in times of chaos and destruction Porter saw the world with an impudent, highly sophisticated and indomitably euphoric gaze". CAST: 2 men, 3 women (cast may be adjusted to suit individual requirements) Musical Numbers: (Note: There are no original songs in this show) 1. But In the Morning, No 2. By the Mississinewah 3. Come On InDon't Look At Me That Way 4. Down In the Depths 5. Farming 6. Find Me a Primitive Man 7. Gigolo 8. Girls 9. How's Your Romance 10. I Happen To Like New York 11. I Introduced 12. I Loved Him But He Didn't Love Me 13. I Worship You 14. I'm In Love With a Soldier Boy 15. I've Got You On My Mind 16. I've Still Got My Health 17. Leader Of the Big Time Band 18. Let's Do It 19. Let's Fly Away 20. Make It Another Old-Fashioned 21. Most Gentlement Don't Love 22. Ooh-la-la 23. Red Hot and Blue 24. Ridin' High 25. Tale Of the Oyster 26. Throwin' A Ball Tonight 27. Tomorrow 28. Wake Up and Dream 29. What Shall I Do? 30. When I Was A Little Cuckoo INSTRUMENTATION: percussion, piano DISCOGRAPHY Ben Bagley’s The Decline and Fall of the Entire World as Seen Through the Eyes of Cole Porter [Vinyl LP]