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needs before his own. If he loves her, he will let her experience the joys and sorrows of life. Reluctantly, Death agrees, but just before the stroke of midnight Grazia appears before him, dressed in a white gown. After midnight, he takes her hand and she instantly dies. Together, hand in hand, they walk into the distant light. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. In The Middle Of Your LIfe 2. Nothing Has Happened 3. How Will I Know 4. Centuries 5. Why Do All Men? 6. Death Is In The House 7. Alive! 8. Life's A Joy 9. Who Is This Man? 10. Life's A Joy (Reprise) 11. Shimmy Like They Do In Paree 12. Roberto's Eyes 13. Alone Here With You Act II 14. Something Happened 15. Losing Roberto 16. What Do You Do 17. More And More 18. Finally To Know 19. I Thought That I Could Live 20. December Time 21. Pavane 22. Finale: Grazia And Sirki Cast Recording