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These two are joined for luncheon by two dowager lunatics, Constance, the Madwoman of the Flea Market, who is deaf except on Wednesdays and Gabrielle, the madwoman of Montmartre who has an invisible dog and the long blonde curls of the little girl she hasn't been for half a century. They all agree that the world is sick but only the mad can clearly see it. Act II Julian is still hiding in the Countess's apartment. Nina brings him food but the Countess believes that more than food is needed - they need love. Long ago the Countess had saved the Sewerman's life. In return for this he promised to show her, when needed, the secret of the Moving Stone. He demonstrates by turning the head of a particular stone gargoyle. A secret trap door opens beneath which is a series of steps that go down, down and down … forever. The Countess ponders whether, if you could gather all the bad people in the world together and just dispose of them … would it be legal? This subject becomes the topic of a tea-party consisting the three mad women and their various attendant spirits. However, the group is unable to stay on topic. Constance wanders off into the land of of old lovers, Gabrielle and the Countess decide that memories are like fake jewellery - the longer you wear them the more real they become. Gabrielle is distracted by her invisible dog but then realises that she hadn't brought him today! Constance wishes for the guidance of her household voices - the teapot, vacuum cleaner, hot water bottle - but the Countess tells her that everything, past and present, is available - unseen - in the air! The madwomen decide that evil people are guilty so there must be a trial. They agree to meet at midnight in the Flea Market. The Countess requests Julian to give a letter to the Chairman of the Board in which it says that she will do as he wishes if he and all his group will come to the Flea Market at a quarter past midnight. That night in the Flea Market the trial is held with the Sewerman and his friends in place of the Establishment. They plead their case but are found guilty. The Countess must put her plan into action all alone. The members of the Establishment arrive with what seems to be a deal to save the café and make its staff rich. The Countess is not fooled. She leads them all to her cellar, pulls on the gargoyle, opens the secret trap door and down they all go. The world has been saved, at least for the present. Dawn breaks, birds sing and the Countess goes about her business, feeding the strays. CAST: Chairman of the Board Countess Aurelia Constance - the Madwoman of the Flea Market Gabrielle - the Madwoman of Montmartre Prospector Julian Nina Waiter Busboy Doorman Juggler Pedlar Board Members MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. The Spring Of Next Year - The Board 2. Each Tomorrow Morning - Countess, Ensemble 3. I Don't Want To Know - Countess 4. I've Never Said I Love You - Nina 5. Garbage - Sewerman 6. Dear World - Countess