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substitute his own letter for the next one they have rehearsed. He is foiled by Kelli, who brings Edwina a postcard from her across-the-street-neighbour Carrie (a.k.a. Becky). Carrie has a serious problem: she was asked by her grandmother to set the table, but unfortunately, she has no idea where each utensil should go. Luckily, Edwina has the answer – in fact, she has composed a whole opera on the dos and don’ts of setting the table! As intermission is announced, the audience is invited to Kelli’s lemonade stand as Scott pleads with Edwina to read his letter. However, Edwina, along with the rest of the kids, is more interested in finding the talent scout. After searching through the crowd, they soon notice a woman with the Kalamazoo Advice-a-palooza baseball cap – and she’s sleeping! Alarmed, they change the second act program, adding a sneak peak at a number in progress about Lola, the shy girl from Peru who learns the importance of saying hello. When this fails to wake the talent scout up, Becky starts another cheer directed expressly at the sleeping woman as Edwina hurriedly pushes her off to begin the next number, hoping this will succeed. Edwina reads a letter from the Harrison quadruplets, who, it seems, need a little lesson in sharing. To answer, Edwina transforms herself into Aunt Aretha Spoonapple, the woman who knows it all, and tells the story of the greedy Arabella, who was turned into a parrot until she learned how to say the word “please” . As the number finishes, Becky starts a cheer about R-E-S-P-E-C-T which is promptly quashed by Edwina, who instead pulls out a letter from Seamus McQuackenflacken, the Scottish exchange student. Seamus, played by Cordell, asks Edwina to explain the meaning behind the phrase “RSVP” in an invitation. For the answer, Edwina consults with her cousin, Jean-Pierre Fromage de la Croissant (also Cordell) who humorously demonstrates the polite way to ‘repondez s’il vous plait’. As Scott again tries in vain to give Edwina his letter, Billy interrupts him with a calypso yell, pulling him into the next scene. They are transformed into the steel drum section of the Paw Paw marching band, hoping to participate in the big steel drum parade happening in Jamaica. Ziggy (played by Billy) tells Edwina that while they worked hard to raise money for their trip, holding bake sales, car washes, etc., they then spent every cent at a sale down at the mall. What to do? Edwina advises them on the importance of saving for a rainy day as her cousin, Mary Sue Betty Bob (a.k.a. Annie), demonstrates how to be careful with your nickels. Edwina tries to bring the show to a close but Scott refuses to end it, insisting upon reading his letter. Before Edwina can stop him, Scott begins to sing about the girl he loves, whose name he has carved into a heart in his dad’s woodshop; the lovely Edwina herself. Edwina begs Scott not to embarrass himself, but Scott insists that he will not be denied. The kids, impressed with Scott’s persistence, sing back up as he waxes poetic about his beloved. Finally, full of new-found bravado, Scott throws Edwina over his shoulder, uttering the four winning words: “You! Me! Dairy Queen!” As the kids end the show and congratulate Scott, the phone rings: it is Ann Van Buren from the Kalamazoo Advice-a-palooza Festival! The talent scout announces that after what she just heard, there is a definite spot in the festival – for Scott! Edwina is crushed and wonders if she’ll ever have something up on the family fridge when suddenly, her little sister Katie enters, crying. Katie tells Edwina that she has run away from the Summer Math Olympics because when she finished her equations first, two of her competitors made fun of her. Edwina comforts her sister, advising her that she must always remember to do her own thing and be unafraid of achieving her dreams. Katie agrees to go back to the Olympic Village, but not before telling Edwina that since her advice is always so good, perhaps she should follow it herself ! As Katie exits, Edwina happily realises that while she may not have an invitation to put up on the fridge, a hug from her sister is a better reward, and that if you do what you love, that’s the best thing of all. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. The Rehearsal - Edwina 2. Up On The Fridge - Edwina 3. Dear Edwina - Company 4. Here Comes A Letter - Company 5. Aphrodite - Annie 6. Say "No Thank You" - Becky, Bobby, Kelli, Scott, Annie, Edwina 7. Another Letter - Company