Shows D

3. Dazzle Star - (Dazzle, Starlets & Crew) 4. The Guy That Gets the Girl - (Sam and Crew) 5. Come Ze Glorious Evolution (Big Olga & Bolshies) Jingle G 6. Space Angel - (Dazzle, Lolita, Alura & Pearl 7. Velly Velly Tastee Too (Suey & Chinese Waiters) Jingles H, I, J 8. The Slimey Swampers' Stomp (Slimebag & Swampey with Chorus ) 9. Honolulu Lulu - (Crew) 10. Man Above All Men - (Sam & Dazzle) 11. Greasers' Gavotte (Sue Zuki, Greasers & Greaserettes) 12. Gotta Give a Guy a Helping Hand - (Mohammed & Pearl, Speck & Dazzle, Paddy & Sue ) 13. Comin' Back (to Where We Belong) - (Company) Jingle K Settings and costumes are easily achieved and extensive notes are given in the text for these, together with suggestions for lighting, sound and special effects. THE CAST: M5 F4. Chorus: 12 named parts plus extras and chorus. Sekurikor Sam Galactic Lolita Pearl Alura Mohammed Dazzle Big Olga Suey Slimebag Swampey Sue Zuki Speck Paddy ORCHESTRATION Clarinet, Bass Guitar. - Band parts on hire