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THE SCENES ACT I - 1911 Scene 1. The Garden of an Inn outside Vienna Scene 2. The Same A Masque of Vienna (Part I) Scene 3. Maria Ziegler's Drawing Room (A month later) Scene 4. The Bare Stage of the Theater an der Wien (A week later) Scene 5. The Corridor outside the Grand Tier Boxes at the Theater an der Wien Scene 6. The Interior of the Theater an der Wien THE FINAL SCENE OF LORELEI The scene is a soiree given by the Countess BLAUVELDT STREMNITZ to celebrate the return to society of her daughter LORELEI who is recovering from an unfortunate love affair. She has given her promise to her mother not to see her lover from whom she has been parted during the previous Act. Scene 7. Maria Ziegler's Apartment ACT II 1914 Scene 1. The Chalet in the Tyrol Scene 2. The Same (A week later) A Masque of Vienna (Part II) Scene 3. The Period Fete at Belvedere, Vienna 1927 A Masque of Vienna (Part III) Scene 4. Locher's Restaurant Scene 5. The Garden of the Inn 1938 Scene 6. A Room in a former Royal Palace in Vienna Finale A Masque of Vienna is intended to convey an impression of contemporary Viennese street life and has no connection with the main story. MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT I OVERTURE DAWN PRELUDE INCIDENTAL WALTZ ENSEMBLE (Officers and Girls) … "Uniform" …We've Got a Uniform ENSEMBLE (Officers and Girls) … "Waltz of My Heart" …The Lark is Singing on High