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downstairs. But she does not come. She has gone. ACT 3 The next morning rehearsals for the concert continue as Rudi worries over Maria's disappearance. Soon she returns, to flamboyantly give her congratulations to Rudi and Grete and to break her own news: she has married Charles Metterling this morning. Now, when she hears the truth, it is too late. Twelve years later, Rudi and Maria meet accidentally in a restaurant. Nothing has changed in their fierce feeling for each other. He has been hugely successful, she has become a figure in society, and they are both wretched. She promises to come to see him in a week's time, and then he shall decide what to do. When she comes, the reason for her postponement of the decision is made plain. She brings with her a little boy, her son, twelve years old. He is Rudi's son. Charles knows this, but he has brought up the boy as his own child. If she is to leave Charles and go away with Rudi, the boy's world will be shattered. They cannot do it. As Maria leaves to return to her glittering, soulless life, Rudi once more plays 'My Dearest Dear', the song which represents both their love and their parting. They will meet again, however. When war strikes Austria and Rudi Kleber is imprisoned for helping refugees to escape, the Princess Metterling is able to use her influence to effect his release. The dancing years are far behind them in this new world and the future, whatever it may be, will be for their son. Adapted from Gänzl's Book of the Musical Theatre THE CAST Singing principals: Maria; Cäcille, her mentor, Grete; Ceruti, a tenor Straight roles: Hattie, guest-housekeeper Countess Lotte Rudi Prince Charles Metterling Franzel, a young officer Carl, Maria's 12 year old son. In addition there are numerous smaller roles as well as a large chorus. THE SCENES SS headquarters in Vienna, a beer garden, Maria's drawing-room, the Theater an der Wein, a schloss garden, the Gala, Locher's restaurant NB: Staging for this adapted version has been greatly simplified and the sets left very much to the individual director and the resources available