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DADDY COOL A Musical in 2 acts based on the songs of BONEY M and FRANK FARIAN. Book by Stephen Plaice and Amani Naphtali. Original book concept by Mary S. Applegate and Michael Stark. Orchestrations by Steve Sidwell. Shaftesbury Theatre, London - Opened 21 September, 2006: closed 17 February, 2007 STORY Young Sunny lives with his Grandma Ella in Trinidad. At the age of 10, he receives a letter from his mother, Pearl, who wants him to return to London to live with her. Sunny isn't happy about it. He wants to stay on the island and be part of the carnival for which he has passionately practised the steeldrums. But he has to go back to London. His Grandma Ella promises him: "Sunny, when you've grown up, you can come back to your Island and celebrate your carnival!" When Sunny is 18 years old, his life takes on a dramatic change. He becomes a member of a London streetgang, the Subsonic Crew, a mixture of musicians and petty criminals. Their leader, Shake, becomes Sunny's closest friend. Their rival gang is The Blades. The head of the Blades is Benny, who is encouraged to lead a life of crime by his devious mother, Ma Baker. When the two gangs clash, Sunny meets Benny's half-sister Rose and they immediately fall in love with each other. This leads to a dispute between the gangs which is to be settled by an "MC Battle". Instead of a peaceful solution, the contest escalates into a violent ending. Benny shoots Shake and through an intrigue, Sunny is falsely arrested. This breaks Sunny's mother's heart, but strengthens Rose's deep love for him. When the police finally solve the crime, Sunny is released and the real perpertrator, Benny, is arrested. Overwhelmed by the turn of justice and at being reunited with Rose, Sunny takes Rose by the hand and returns with her to his island to celebrate the carnival: A story about the search for truth, love and music. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Hooray Hooray ! It's a Holi-Holiday - Alani, Job, Ensemble 2. Mary’s Boy Child - Oh My Lord - Pastor, Choir, Job, Melanie, Ensemble 3. Sunny (Lullaby Version) - Melanie 4. Girl You Know It's True - Harvey, Richard, Dwayne, Duane, Helen, Donovan 5. Take the Heat Off Me - Michelle, Javine, Girls 6. Ma Baker (Duet Version) - Camilla, Shelley 7. Sweet Dreams - Be My Lover (Medley) - Camilla, Javine, Yasmin, Marc Harvey, Ensemble 8. Baby Don't Forget My Number - Dwayne, Camilla 9. Brown Giri In The Ring - 2:05 Dwayne, Hope, Ensemble 10. Sunny - Dwayne, Camilla, Ensemble 11. Flashback 70s - Baby Do You Wanna Bump - (Medley) -+ Ensemble 12. Daddy Cool - One Way Ticket (Medley)- Shelley, Ensemble 13. Rasputin - Alani, Ezra, Ensemble 14. MC Battle The Blade Squad - Gotta Go Home - The Blade Squad, Ensemble 15. MC Battle The Subsonics 1 - Painter Man - The Subsonics, Ensemble 16. Brown Girl In The Ring - Javine, Ricky, Ensemble 17. MC Battle The Subsonics 2 - Rasputin - The Subsonics, Ensemble