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firm, "I don't know" but everyone else has an opinion to offer. The boys' commitment leads Cynthia to seek a commitment from Winkler but he departs. Almost at the same time Harry, tortured by Cynthia's denials of the past declares he never wants to see her again which leaves Cynthia stranded in her seeming glory - but alone. As the last bus leaves for the border, Harry returns. What ever happens to the rest of the world, if he is to have a future, Cynthia must be a part of it. As the first air raid sirens sound these two, at least, have found the potential for a personal peace. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Another Life 2. Anyone Who Loves 3. Auf Wiedersehen 4. Dance A Little Closer 5. Happy Happy New Year 6. He Always Comes Home To Me 7. Homesick 8. I Don't Know 9. I Got A New Girl 10. I Never Want To see You Again 11. It Never Would Have Worked 12. Mad 13. No Man Is Worth It 14. On Top Of the World 15. There's Always One You Can't Forget 16. There's Never Been Anyone Like Us 17. What Are You Going To Do About It? 18. Why Can't the World Go Away and Leave Us Alone? 19. A Woman Who Thinks I'm Wonderful CAST: • Harry Aikens • Cynthia Brookfield-Bailey • Doctor Josef Winkler • Shirley, Bebe, Elaine - The Delights • Contessa Carla Pirianno • Charles Castleton • Edward Dunlop • Heinrich Halloway • Reverend Oliver Boyle • Hester Boyle • Roger Butterfield • Captain Müller • Johannes Hartog • plus hotel staff and guests Dance a Little Closer - Original Broadway Cast