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that she will now have to give up. Rene is also there, anxious to see Jeanne yet again Mein and, anxious to discredit Jeanne and further his sister's claims to the royal bed, the Duc de Choiseul tells the King that a meeting has been arranged by the two former lovers. In fact Jeanne has called Rene to the rendezvous only to bid him a final farewell, and the upshot of Choiseul's attempt to compromise her is his own banishment Jeanne's position as the King's new favourite is confirmed. 'Long live the King!' cry the people, to which the King replies, 'Long live the Comtesse Dubarry, henceforth the one next to the throne!' The synopsis follows a revised version by Hans Martin Cremer, which makes considerable changes to detail from the 1931 original and introduces several new songs. Millöcker's 1879 operetta Gräfin Dubarry has a completely different book (albeit on the same subject) and only some of the melodic themes of the 1931 work are taken from that original score. adapted from Gänzl's Book of the Musical Theatre MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I OVERTURE 1. OPENING CHORUS (Madelon and Girls) - One-Two-Three - "Always sewing" 2. DUET (Madelon, De Brissac and Chorus) - Madelon - "Kindly pardon my elation " 2a - ENTRANCE OF JEANNE 3. SONG (Jeanne and Chorus) - To-day - "To-day I've cast aside the past" 3a - THE KING'S MARCH 4. ENSEMBLE - Monday to Saturday 4a - REPRISE - (Madelon, De Brissac and Chorús) - Madelon - "Madelon, she's the darling of Paree " 4b - REPRISE (Jeanne) - To-day - "To-day I've cast" 5. DUET (René and Jeanne) - If I Am Dreaming - "If I am dreaming let me not be woken " 5a - MELOS 6. DUET (Jeanne, René and Chorus) - Without Your Love - " 'Twas destined we should meet " 6a - REPRISE (Chorus) - Without your Love 6b - SCENE LINK & REPRISE (René) - If I Am Dreaming - "While I am dreaming" 6c - MELOS 7. DUET (Madelon and Jeanne) - Happy Little Jeanne - "Pretty little Jeanne, witty little Jeanne" 7a - MELOS 7b - MELOS & SCENE LINK 8. CONCERTED NUMBER (Madelon, Fifi, Suzanne, Lynette, De Brissac, Courcelles, Lasalle, Frontignac and Chorus) - Pantalettes - " We. pretend to rule the state " 8a - FANFARE AND EXIT MUSIC 9. DUET (Dubarry and Sauterelle) - Lady Luck - " Here's to the table greener than grass " 10. SONG (René and Chorus) - Once Upon a Springtime - " Once upon a springtime, So blue was the sky " 10a - ExIT MUSIC 11. DUET (Madelon, De Brissac and Chorus) - Ga-Ga - " I've enjoyed my life immensely " 11a - MELOS 12. BALLET - The Queen of Hearts 13. SONG (Jeanne and Chorus) - I Give My Heart - " I've heard the magic song that love sings " 14. MELOS & CURTAIN (Jeanne and Chorus)