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DUBARRY WAS A LADY A Musical Comedy in 2 Acts, 10 scenes. Book by Herbert Fields and Buddy G. DeSylva. Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter 46th Street Theatre, New York - Opened - 6th December, 1939; closed 12th December, 1940 (408 perfs) His Majesty's Theatre, London - Opened 22nd October, 1942 (178 perfs) SYNOPSIS From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A hat-check attendant, Louis Blore, has won a sweepstake, and subsequently quits his job. He is in love with the nightclub singer May Daly, but she is in love with Alex Barton. Alex is the brother of her friend Alice, who is in love with Harry. Meanwhile, Alex is unhappily married to Ann. Charley, Louis's replacement, suggests that Louis slip Alex a Mickey Finn. While trying to do so, Louis inadvertently drinks the Mickey Finn, falls asleep, and dreams he is King Louis XV of France, and that May is Madame du Barry. In his dream, Charley becomes the Dauphin (later Louis XVI) and Harry becomes the captain of the guard, with Ann as Du Barry's lady-in-waiting, and Alex as a peasant who wrote a rude song about The King and Du Barry (the title song: Du Barry Was A Lady). Eventually after various entanglements (including the Dauphin shooting the King with a bow and arrow), Louis wakes up and realises that Alex is the man for May. He uses the last of his winnings to pay for Alex's divorce from Ann, and (with Charley having just quit his job) goes back to being a cloakroom attendant. CAST Louis Blore May Daly Alice Barton Charley Alex Barton Harry Norton MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Where's Louie? - Ensemble 2. Ev'ry Day's a Holiday - Harry Norton, Alice Barton and Ensemble 3. It Ain't Etiquette - His Most Royal Majesty, The King of France and Vi Hennessey 4. When Love Beckoned - Mme. La Comtesse du Barry 5. Come On In - Mme. La Comtesse du Barry and Ensemble 6. Dance 7. Dream Song - Four Internationals 8. Mesdames and Messieurs - Dames de la Coeur 9. Gavotte - Alice Barton and Ensemble 10. But in the Morning, No! - Mme. La Comtesse du Barry and His Most Royal Majesty, The King of France 11. Do I Love You? - Alex Barton and Mme. La Comtesse du Barry 12. Do I Love You (Reprise) - Mme. La Comtesse du Barry and Zamore 13. Danse Victoire