Shows D

ACT III The curtain rises on a street in the Bowery in New York City. Mr. Cribbs removes a cover from a rubbish bin where Edward is still in a drunken stupor. Edward asks Cribbs about his wife and child, and is informed that they would like to see him if he indeed became a respectable member of society. Cribbs tries to convince Edward to forge a check for $5000, persuading him that money would make him respectable. Edward does not and a disappointed Mr. Cribbs leaves him alone, drunk, and destitute. Inside a cold, one-room, New York City tenement, Mary is working at the ironing board, and Julia is asleep on a simple straw pallet. It appears that the mother and child are also in the most desperate of circumstances with no money and no food. Mr. Cribbs enters in a swirl of snowflakes. Mary is desperately trying to find her husband and Cribbs tries to convince her that Edward is probably off with another young woman. She dismisses his comment, for, as far as she's concerned, Edward's only fault is intemperance - not infidelity. Mr. Cribbs attempts to make his move on Mary, but she has no interest in him. He tries to seize her, but she resists his lascivious embraces. Things get more intense and Julia even joins in to help her poor mother. Just when Mr. Cribbs is about to win, William enters and intercedes. Holding Mr. Cribbs, he offers the villain one more chance at redemption, but Cribbs proclaims "A villain I have lived. A villain let me die." With that, William throws Mr. Cribbs down a flight of stairs, killing him. William is determined to help Mary find her husband. The two leave to search the entire city while little Julia thinks about how the joys of nature are far better than the joys of wine. The scene opens on Edward in a heap of tattered clothing, lying on a curbstone. The Salvation Army appears and approaches Edward, asking him if he wants to be saved. At first, Edward resists, saying it is too late for him, but slowly Edward begins to listen to the leader, and is further persuaded as William, Julia, and Mary discover him and offer him help. As a final point of persuasion everyone points up Mr. Cribbs who magically appears from above. He is all in white, complete with a small harp and angel wings. Suddenly, as if by magic, Edward is ready to be saved and is transformed into a neatly dressed citizen complete with black suit, collar, and tie. Newly reformed, Edward and the cast focus on the sinners of the audience asking them if they, too, wish to be saved. "Look up to heaven, brother Say down with demon rum!" CAST: - 4 men, 4 women, chorus •MRS. WILSON - Helpless mother of lovely Mary. Doubling: The female playing Mrs. Wilson plays a barmaid and the rallying Salvation Worker. •MARY WILSON - Our heroine, pure, decent, modest •LAWYER CRIBBS - Dastardly villain and foul tempter, arch •EDWARD MIDDLETON - Our hero, virtuous, prone to temptation •WILLIAM DOWTON - Edward's goodly foster brother. - Tenor •AGNES DOWTON - Billy's demented sister. - Doubling: The female playing Agnes doubles as temperance leader Carry A. Nation and the Old Man's Darling. •PREACHER/BARTENDER - Character actor to swing roles •WEDDING GUESTS •BARGIRLS •CARRIE A. NATION •JULIA MIDDLETON - Mary and Edward's child, a gift from Heaven. Doubling: The female playing Julia also plays a bargirl. •SALVATION ARMY LEADER •SALVATION ARMY SOLDIERS