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The Chaperone delivers her words of wisdom — which — owing to yet another old-fashioned, LPrelated snafu — are promptly rendered inaudible! Playing this moment over and over for us, this vinyl flaw, combined with a little too much brandy, leads to a semi-drunken rant from the tortured Man, who unburdens himself about the confluence of unfortunate events that have led him to this pass, this moment, and this life. He drops the needle on the fateful moment one more time. "You have no idea," the drained Man concludes, "how many times I've listened to that." And yet, Janet turns to Robert — and agrees to marry him. As George revels in his success at planning the wedding, it dawns: he forgot to book the minister! No matter — a literal Deus Ex Machina appears in the form of Trix the Aviatrix, whom we glimpsed briefly in the opening, landing her bi-plane behind them. Thinking fast, the assemblage points out that as the Captain of a Ship (of the air), Trix can perform the marriages) herself ! Trix happily obliges and as the betrothed couples climb aboard the plane, the play reaches its penultimate note — and there is a power cut. The record grinds to a halt. The stage is plunged into darkness. Alone now, the Man is beside himself, inconsolable; one note from the end, and the moment is ruined. Falling into despair, he seeks comfort by singing to himself. And yet this time, the Man discovers, he is not alone ... those characters he loves so well have never left his imagination. They stand beside him, ready, as ever, to transport him. As the play draws to its (quite literally) uplifting close, the Man disappears, with his memories, his dreams, and — for whenever he's feeling a little blue — his beloved recording of The Drowsy Chaperone.. David Goldsmith ORIGINAL CAST • Bob Martin (Man in Chair) • Georgia Engel (Mrs. Tottendale) • Edward Hibbert (Underling) • Troy Britton Johnson (Robert) • Eddie Korbich (George) • Lenny Wolpe (Feldzieg) • Jennifer Smith (Kitty) • Jason Kravits (Gangster #1) • Garth Kravits (Gangster #2) • Danny Burstein (Aldolpho) • Sutton Foster (Janet) • Beth Leavel (Drowsy Chaperone) • Kecia Lewis-Evans (Trix) • Angela Pupello (Servant, Reporter, Dream Janet) • Patrick Wetzel (Servant, Reporter, Dream Robert) • Linda Griffin (Servant, Reporter) • Joey Sorge (Servant, Reporter, Super) INTRUMENTATION Keyboard 2 / (Synth Only) Drums Upright Bass Trumpet 1 - Flugel Trumpet 2 - Flugel Trumpet 3- Flugel Trombone Trombone Reed 1: Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet E-Flat Clarinet, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax Reed 2: Clarinet Flute, Piccolo, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax Reed 3: Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, Tenor Sax Reed 4: Bassoon, Bari Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, E-Flat Contrabass Clarinet Piano / Keyboard Percussion Guitar (Banjo / Acoustic / Ukelele, etc.) • Scenic Design: David Gallo • Costume Design: Gregg Barnes • Lighting Design: Ken Billington and Brian Monahan