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with the boys but shy with girls and secretly doesn’t think he’ll ever have a girlfriend. • TRIXIE A leader. Insecure about being popular. Bitchy. Needs to set people against each other. Has to follow the fashion, tattoos, belly button rings clothes with labels. Jealous. • TIFFY A leader. Pretty. Extrovert. Likes to party and be popular. Not strong character. Wants to please and be friends with everyone. Hates her fuzzy hair. • TESS A leader. The scholar. Proud of her brains. Secretly envies the other girls for being more attractive and more popular with the boys. • MR (or MISS) TURPENTINE Eccentric art teacher, wears arty clothes and a wig and hat. Takes himself and his subject very seriously. Not down to earth. Buffoon. Totally egocentric. Unaware of what is going on round him. Bad teacher. Insecure, When he was a teenager, lost a bit of himself to the Dream Dealer who appeared in a different guise. • THE DREAM DEALER Charismatic salesman. The devil in disguise. A disillusioned creature whose only desire is for immortality. Clever. Psychologically astute. Amoral. Will do anything to achieve his ends. • FLAKE The Dream Dealer’s sidekick. Stutters. Makes and helps sell the ice dreams. Weak. Totally dependent on the dealer. Abused and frightened but can’t escape. Has a kind streak. Talented painter. STAGING: The Dream Dealer is a contemporary musical show, designed to be easily staged by schools. It has minimal sets and props and can mostly use children's everyday clothes for costumes. Rights Holder -