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when a part of “himself ” went missing. He sings, “Lost a Bit of Me”.: Scene 3 The street It is evening. The school bell sounds. Flake turns the sign to “Ice Dreams”. Scorcher rushes in and slams £60 on the counter. The Dream Dealer gives him the Almighty Wondrous Paradise Dream and Scorcher sings, “Paradise.” He collapses. The children surround the van, demanding dreams. Finn rushes in, shouting that Scorcher has stolen his £60 – he wants to kill him. Trixie discovers Scorcher lying on the ground and the Dream Dealer immediately uses the situation to blame Finn for Scorcher’s death. Finn must be punished. The Dream Dealer will destroy Finn’s most precious dream. Delphi has entered and watches as the Dream Dealer grabs the photograph of Finn’s mother. She quickly takes it from him and looks at it in amazement. The Dream Dealer wrenches it back and rips it up. Finn is devastated but seeing Scorcher is still alive, begs Delphi to get help. Mr. Turpentine enters and the Dream Dealer tries hard to divert him. Mr T suddenly realises the lid must come off the Jar. Flake is clutching it to him, like a grenade. He is torn between the Dream Dealer and Finn, Delphi and Mr T trying to persuade him to give them the Jar. The Dream Dealer dives at the Jar, Finn tackles him and Flake pulls the lid off. There is a flash of blinding light. Everyone is flung to the ground, except Finn. When the light returns to normal, all that is left of the Dream Dealer is his black jacket. Gradually the children sit up, blinking. Mr T remains horizontal. Scorcher is horrified to discover what he has done and promises Finn a dog. Finn doesn’t care about the dog, he is too upset about the photograph of his mother – it is all he had. Delphi excitedly explains the photograph was of her mother. He must be the treasure their mother left behind. They are not just brother and sister – they are twins! Now the Dream Dealer has gone up in smoke, the world of real identities starts to return. Mr. Turpentine finally wakes up and asks where he’s been. They all sing, “Seen the Light”. CAST: 6 M, 5 F Principals, gender changes possible however, and three character roles can be played by older children or adults if the director wishes; the many playground groups can grow or shrink to make a cast of anywhere between 11 and 60. The minimum number required for THE DREAM DEALER is 11 people. Otherwise the number is as many as you want - the more the better. The show was written for children between the ages of 10-14 years. Three of the roles can be played by older children or adults. MAIN CHARACTERS • FINN Cheerful. An outsider. Self-reliant. His own person. Not influenced by other children or what people think of him. Not interested in clothes or girls. Doesn’t excel at anything. Loves animals. Has his own mission – to save enough money to pay for a dog. Deep sadness at not having a mother. • DELPHI The new girl at school. Natural. Bright. Very direct and honest. Independent spirit. Open and curious about people and experiences. Mother has re-married and they have been living in Australia. Not particularly happy to have returned to England. (Turns out to be twins with Finn) • SPIKEY A leader. Hair carefully gelled in spikes. Very clothes conscious. Wishes he was cleverer. • SCORCHER A leader. Well-off parents. Quite spoilt. Attracts the girls. Appears very confident but doesn’t take much to deflate him. Frightened of being alone. Boastful. Good at art. • SPARK A leader. Sportsman. Athletic, wears the coolest trainers can perform tricks with football. Hero