Shows D

ACT 2 12. A Pox Upon the Traitor's Brow - Pincer, Mallet, Emma, Patrolmen 13. Deep in Your Heart - Bob Purefoy 14. Let's Go - Alice, Bob Purefoy 15. It's Your Fault - Lucius, Matilda 16. Wild and Reckless (reprise) - Bob Purefoy 17. The Upside-Down Thief (ballet) - Bob Purefoy, Citizens, Patrolmen, Kate, Mallet, Concert-Goers, Roger, Mayor's Companion, Patrolmen 18. Today Is a Day for a Band to Play - Pincer, Mallet, Emma, Patrolmen, Citizens 19. She Touched Me (reprise) - Bob Purefoy, Alice 20. I Like Him - Alice 21. Justice Triumphant - Entire Company 22. Today Is a Day for a Band to Play (reprise) - Entire Company DISCOGRAPHY: Studio Cast Recording - Varèse Sarabande VSD 5721