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really a good kid. She realises she does have feelings for Bob and won't let him take the blame. She doesn't overstate the case, but says, "I Like Him." Well, it all works out happily for Alice. Suspended sentence and a wedding. CAST (in order of appearance): The Mayor Pincer, Superintendent of Police Mallet, Chief of Detectives Roger "Bulldog" Purefoy, Former Chief of Detectives Kate Purefoy, his wife Emma, a Patrolwoman Bob Purefoy, the Purefoy's Son, a Patrolman The Van Guilder's Butler Matilda Van Guilder, a Socialite Lucius Van Guilder, Her Husband, a Millionaire Alice Van Guilder, their Daughter The Maid The Minister The Mayor's Wife Julietta Onderdonck, a Dowager from Boston The Judge The Prosector Patrolmen, Ensemble SCENES AND SETTINGS: The action takes place in New York City and environs. The time is spring in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Act 1 Scene 1: Various places in New York City. Scene 2: A Bedroom in the Purefoy's Flat. Scene 3: Lucius Van Guilder's Study and Counting Room. Scene 4: Alice Van Guilder's Boudoir and a Secret Chamber. Scene 5: The Purefoy's Kitchen. Scene 6: Pier Fourteen. Scene 7: Van Guilder's Study and the Garden. Scene 8: The Van Guilders' Cellar. Act 2 Scene 1: Police Headquarters. Scene 2: The Cellar. Scene 3: Van Guilder's Study. Scene 4: The Woods North of the City. Scene 5: Various Places in the City. Scene 6: The Woods and the City. Scene 7: Van Guilder's Study. Scene 8: A Courtroom. MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT 1 1. Drat! The Cat! - Citizens, Patrolmen, Mayor, Pincer, Mallet 2. My Son, Uphold the Law - Roger, Patrolmen 3. Holmes and Watson - Alice, Bob Purefoy 4. She Touched Me - Bob Purefoy 5. Wild and Reckless - Alice 6. She's Roses - Bob Purefoy, Kate 7. Ignoble Theft of the Idol's Eyes (ballet) - Alice, Patrolmen, Attendants of the Idol, 8. Property Men, Warriors, Geishas, Lion, High Priest, Roger, Cantor, Mallet. 9. Dancing With Alice - Bob Purefoy, Alice, Lucius, Matilda, Guests 10. Drat! The Cat! (reprise) - Lucius, Matilda, Guests 11. Purefoy's Lament - Bob Purefoy