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Plymouth, and Drake is perplexed at how they have done it again. He says he would give anything to know how they get their cannonballs to follow such a curve. The Widecombers are tired of working for Killigrew so they strike a deal with Drake. If he takes them out to sea with him they will teach him their secret. He agrees. The Widecombers explain that they make their balls with a bias so they curve instead of go straight. At first Drake does not understand or believe it but they explain it in more depth. Audrey, the barmaid, has an idea. She has seen the men steal the cannonballs. Both cannonballs and bowling balls are round. They should swap the stolen cannonballs with the biased bowling balls. Then when the Spanish load the balls into their cannons they will curve and be useless. Just then, the Lorda arrive from London and arrest Drake. Drake is locked in the Tower of London with only a guard there. He wonders why the Queen has done this and what his crime is. The guard responds that he will tell him why he is there, and proceeds to take of his hat to reveal that it is really Elizabeth disguised as the guard. She explains why she has locked him up and that it was the only way she could get to speak with him. She claims that he had disobeyed her, and they argue back and forth. He insists he must be set free to go fight the war and defend England. She feels it cannot be done, they need more ships which they cannot afford and do not have. Besides, the Golden Shred, King Philips main ship, is said to be unsinkable. She tells him that he thinks too little of her and that she has the heart and stomach of a King of England. He calls her gutless which angers her. He speaks of Audrey's plan and when he mentions her, the Queen realizes that he is in love with another woman. She speaks of how she is lonely and must fight for her entire country alone. She gives Drake a ring and tells him to go out and fight his war. He should wear the ring with pride until he finds someone who deserves it more than he does. The Killegrews, the two Spanish servants, and a boat full of Widecombe Wobblers in place of cannonballs are out to sea. They approach the Golden Shred to deliver their stolen bounty. As soon as the Wobblers are unloaded, the plan springs into action perfectly. The Wobblers zip past them, curve around and fly right back to where they came from sinking the Golden Shred. They are victorious thanks to Audrey and the Widecombe team. Then suddenly the Royal Barge arrives and the Queen steps off. She knights a few worthy people and congratulates all. She meets Audrey but says she has nothing to give her since she cannot knight her. Drake steps in and gives Audrey the ring he received from the Queen. He asks her to marry him and she accepts. The Queen gives her Royal blessing though she is clearly upset to have lost Drake to another woman and tells them the Royal Barge will take them back to Plymouth. The crowd goes down below to celebrate their victory and the Queen stays behind for a moment alone. She thinks again about how it is such a burden to rule her country alone. Drake and Audrey come out and board the barge. CAST: : 5 male, 3 female Queen Elizabeth I Phoebe Minstrel Howard of Effingham Don Bernadino De Amontillado Lord Cedric Neasden Lord Fred Tooting Manuel Casuel Messenger Servant Audrey Sir Francis Drake Sir John Killigrew Lady Winifred Killigrew Ebenezer Ned Dick Jack William John Charlie George Arthur Fred Tom Cobbley Jan Stewer Simon Cobbley Peter Gurney Peter Davey Daniel Whiddon Harry Hawk Bill Brewer Sir Walter Raleigh Alice Amaryllis Phyllis Flo Alfred Harry