Shows D

that they must find the Queen and give her wonderful news from King Philip. He wishes to end the war. They run off to tell the queen while Amontillado says to himself how foolish the English are, they will believe anything. As soon as he exits Drake comes out of his hiding place. He is all worked up. He says that the Spanish are never to be trusted and the war should continue until they are all killed and it is won properly in the name and for the glory of England. As he finishes, the Queen and her lady in waiting appear, and catch the tail end of his thoughts. She welcomes him and congratulates him on a job well done. He tries to bestow gifts upon her but she insists he keep them to give to someone who has won his affections. He plays along and says that she already has. She wishes for him to stay at court for a short while as a reward to be upon dry land and to be fed and cared for. He declines and says all he needs or wishes are more ships. They go back forth, she insisting the Spanish want peace and he insisting she is wrong. She becomes angry and he leaves without the treasure. Indeed, she really wanted him to stay, but to no avail. She stands alone and sings to herself of how she loves him. Raleigh returns and sees how upset the Queen is. She tries to hide and to pretend that she is furious with Drake, but he is not fooled. She gives in and admits her true feelings for him. Raleigh insists they must come up with a way to get Drake back in London on his own free will. Raleigh comes up with the perfect plan. King Philip and his men are due to arrive in three days to present the terms of the peace treaty. The Queen should have a ball in honour of the Spanish and their new found peace, and the Guest of Honour will be Sir Francis Drake. He will never miss a party and hopefully she will convince him to stay forever. The Widecomb Bowling team is on their way to Plymouth for their tournament. The Lord Killigrew's plan is in effect. They are all drinking his sherry which is quite a bit stronger than their usual cider. As they reconvene on the road, Lord Killigrew, his mother, Senor Amontillado, and his servants come by the other way, trying to look inconspicuous. The elections are about to take in Plymouth and Drake is surrounded by his supporters. Killigrew's supporters and the Widecomb team arrive and the sides all rally for support. Drake gets up and gives his speech as does Killigrew. Drake will bring back cider and wants war with Spain, Killigrew opposes. Just then Raleigh runs in and tells the people of the peace treaty. There is a great deal of discussion and reaction but Drake does not believe it. Raleigh insists it is true and tells Drake of the Honour being bestowed upon him. Then Killigrew reveals Amontillado who accuses Drake of being a traitor and having sold secrets to the Spanish for gold. His supporters do not believe this, and grab Amontillado and throw him over the sea wall. Just then a sailor rushes in and informs Drake that they have news from their posts. The Spanish Armada has set sail and there will be a war. Act II The celebration ball is in progress but neither Drake, nor Amontillado, nor any of the peace representatives from Spain are present. The Queen is quite worried. Raleigh is there, and as a distraction, he and his women put on a performance. The Queen is amused but still aware of everyone's absence. She asks Raleigh of their whereabouts. Having been backed into a corner, Raleigh informs the Queen of the situation. She is furious that she has been betrayed. Much to his surprise and despite his pleas, she orders that ships be sent to arrest Drake for having disobeyed her. The Killigrews are trying to find cannonballs to send out to the Spanish to help defeat Drake. Outside the bowling tournament they spot a wheelbarrow full of cannonballs and learn that they are Drake's. The winds changed and he sailed back to win the tournament then go defeat the Spanish, as he has time to do both. Killigrew and his men steal the cannonballs just as the tournament finishes. Widecombe has beaten