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DRAKE A National Youth Music Theatre in 2 Acts. : Music by David Nield, book and lyrics by Jeremy James Taylor The George Square Theatre (The Edinburgh Fringe Festival). July 1983 SYNOPSIS From the writers of the highly successful Tin Pan Ali, and also written for the National Youth Music Theatre, this big band musical, with no apologies to history, relates the story of Drake, Queen Elizabeth 1 and the Spanish Armada. With Tom Cobbley's bowling team from Widecombe adding to the general hilarity, this show will prove a must for all secondary schools. Sir Francis Drake lives in this light-hearted, decidedly unhistoric romp. Presented in the style of English pantomime, "Drake" tells the story of the legendary sea captain of the "Golden Hind" who is credited with circumnavigating the globe, defeating the Spanish Armada and – at least according to this musical charmer – romancing Queen Elizabeth I. A musical that abounds with zest and enthusiasm. - East Cornwell Times STORY Act I The Lords Effingham, Neasden and Tooten enter with the Spanish Ambassador, Don Bernadino de Amontillado and his two servants, Manuel and Casuel. They are all debating about whom Queen Elizabeth should be married to. Amontillado feels that she must marry royalty and therefore should marry Philip of Spain. Sir Thomas Drake's name is thrown into the mix but he is not considered to be a suitable match. As this debate goes on, Elizabeth enters unseen. Though he was warned not to, Amontillado tells her his idea and she dismisses him furiously. The Lords fill in the Queen on the latest news of Drake and she bids them to invite him to the court. A crowd is assembled at the harbour waiting to welcome Sir Drake. Drake and his men enter with their newly gained treasure. Drake regales the crowd with tales of their adventures in Spain and how they captured all this treasure. As this goes on, Sir John Killigrew, the Mayor of Plymouth and Drake's arch enemy, and his mother, Lady Winifred, and right hand man, Ebenezer enter and look on with disdain. Killigrew reads a proclamation from the Queen, commending Drake for the job he has been doing. Killigrew makes it known that he himself does not approve and he hopes that in the following week people will vote wisely and re-elect him Mayor. Drake responds and announces that he too shall be running for Mayor. Some of the locals inform Drake of how things have been while he was gone. Sir Walter Raleigh was in charge of the bowling team which has done well. He brought back four stunning women from his last journey. The women enter and introduce themselves and sing Raleigh’s praise. Raleigh informs Drake that the Queen wishes to see him in London. They say their goodbyes to everyone and prepare to set off to London. Lord Killigrew and his mother are down in their wine cellar, brewing Spanish sherry. They are quite fond of drinking and do so as they wait for Casuel and Manuel. Lord Killigrew is selling information to them to bring back to Spain. They also discuss Drake's plan to run for mayor. He, in the past, has won people over by buying them cider. So, they will ban the sale of cider and give out their own sherry for free to get the people drunk and win their votes. Drake and Raleigh enter with the treasure but there is no one around to greet them. Raleigh takes his sailors off to explore and leaves Drake alone. He hears a voice and hides, and with that the Lords and Amontillado all enter. Amontillado informs them