Shows D

• Bogie • Scrub • Miss Nadia • Boots • Scratch • Dregs • Riff • Booze • The Glublick Welly Boot Dancers • Herr Hans - a Transylvanian innkeeper • Frau Gretel - his wife • Professor Nicholas Necrophiliac - a young English doctor with a mission • Father O'Stake - a good Irish priest • The Brides of Count Dracula • The Zombie Men • The Count Dracula • The Countess Wraith - his lunatic mother • Genghis - his crook-backed retainer SCENES AND SETTINGS Scenes take place in a small classroom, on a big aeroplane, on a stony road, in a cosy inn, at a table, on two chairs, in a dark castle, up the North Tower, on an open piece of countryside, in a nasty dungeon, in the Castle crypt, bank at the inn, and inside your mind. Various interior and exterior settings. Vocal score available.