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Holmwood, Morris, and Dr. Seward have uncovered Dracula’s hiding place in the house Harker had sold to him while they were in Transylvania. Van Helsing, Holmwood, Morris, and Dr. Seward leave, leaving Mina with Harker. While Harker shows the men to the door, Mina can’t help but feel a growing need to save Dracula from destruction. Unable to fight her desire for the Count any longer, she invites the vampire into the house (“If I Could Fly”). Dracula enters and puts Harker in a trance before seducing Mina. The two share a moment of passion before Dracula cuts open his chest and lets Mina taste his blood, intending to turn her into a vampire (“The Seduction (There’s Always A Tomorrow”)). The vampire hunters return and confront Dracula, causing him to flee (“It’s Over”). Using hypnosis, Van Helsing gets Mina, who is now telepathically connected to Dracula, to reveal the Count’s whereabouts. Dracula is shown to be returning home to Transylvania due to the destruction of his hiding place in London. Mina makes each man, even Harker, promise to kill her if it seems her soul is beyond saving (“Jonathan’s Promise”). The hunters then prepare for their journey and the final battle with Dracula (“Deep In the Darkest Night”). Meanwhile, Harker broods over the horrifying promise he has made to his wife but vows to keep it (“Before the Summer Ends”). Aboard a train, Van Helsing again hypnotizes Mina to reveal Dracula’s movements. She reveals Dracula is hidden in a coffin in the hull of a ship, before becoming engulfed by Dracula’s mind. With the trance broken, Mina retires while the others plan their next move. (“The Train Sequence/Life After Life-Reprise”). Dracula, back at his castle, reflects on his eternal life and realizes he has fallen deeply in love with Mina (“The Longer I Live”). The hunters reach Dracula’s castle, and the showdown takes place. Morris is killed by Dracula when he tries to stake the vampire in his coffin. Van Helsing leaves Mina in a protective circle of holy water to help Holmwood, Harker, and Dr. Seward fight Dracula’s Brides. Dracula shortly appears before Mina, who now decides to follow her beloved into the darkness. Upon hearing the death screams of his brides, Dracula realizes that Mina will share the same fate if she becomes a vampire. Having fallen in love with her, he cannot bring himself to condemn her to live in death. Knowing that her only salvation is his demise, Dracula asks Mina to release him from his doomed existence with a Bowie knife he took from Morris. With tears running down her face, she fulfills her lover’s last wish, just before the hunters return. Harker finds his wife cradling the body of Dracula in her arms (“Finale: There’s Always A Tomorrow”) MUSICAL NUMBVERS Act I 1. Prologue - Harker 2. A Quiet Life - Dracula 3. Over Whitby Bay - Harker & Mina 4. Jonathan’s Bedroom - Harker 5. Forever Young - Dracula’s Brides 6. Fresh Blood - Dracula, Brides & Harker 7. The Master’s Song - Renfield 8. How Do You Choose? - Lucy, Mina, Arthur, Dr. Seward & Quincey 9. The Mist - Lucy 10. The Mist (Reprise) - Dracula 11. Modern World - Lucy, Mina, Arthur, Dr. Seward & Quincey 12. A Perfect Life - Mina 13. The Weddings - Mina, Harker, Arthur & Lucy 14. Nosferatu - Van Helsing 15. Prayer for the Dead - Van Helsing, Mina, Harker, Dr. Seward, Arthur, Quincey & Chorus 16. Life After Life - Dracula & Lucy