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group for tea and tells them about his island: a perfect sanctuary for all animals to coexist. Without warning, a thunderous sound shakes the entire island and a deep resonant sound reverberates. In the near vicinity, the legendary Great Pink Sea Snail appears. After a bit of interaction, Dr. Dolittle discovers that the snail's name is Jean-Claude and is very friendly; Jean-Claude insists that he would like to visit his cousin in Scotland! The travellers begin to gather their things, in preparation for their journey back to Puddleby, except for Dolittle who says he simply cannot return to England. The doctor says his goodbyes to each friend - Emma leaves him with a passionate kiss. John Dolittle is left alone, with his books and maps. Two weeks have now passed as Dolittle sits under a full moon, at the beach, and writes a letter to his dear Emma. At the conclusion, Sophie the seal surprises him, at the shore, with exciting news: all of the animals in England have gone on strike and refuse to do any work unless Dr. Dolittle is pardoned immediately. Dolittle races home to witness everything that is occurring! Outside the Puddleby Courtroom, pandemonium has occurred; General Bellowes is facing an angry gathering of villagers and animals. Emma Fairfax leads the coup, as her voice rings out with others in protest . Under the ravenous pressure of the town and its animals, General Bellowes grants amnesty to Dolittle and declares him completely innocent of all wrongdoing. Just then, the doctor flies into town on the exotic Pushmi-Pullyu to the amazement of the crowd. The entire company rejoices as Emma and Dolittle embrace. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. My Friend the Doctor - Matthew,Tommy & the Company 3. The Vegetarian - Dolittle 4. Talk To The Animals - Dolittle 5. Doctor Dolittle - Matthew, Tommy & The Animals 6. You're Impossible - Dolittle & Emma 7. I've Never Seen Anything Like It - Blossom, Dolittle & the Company 8. Beautiful Things - Emma 9. When I Look Into Your Eyes - Dolittle 10. Like Animals - Dolittle 11. After Today - Matthew 12. Fabulous Places - Emma, Dolittle. Tommy & Matthew 13. Where Are The Words? - Dolittle & Matthew 14. The Storm 15. Think I Like You - Emma & Dolittle 16. Save the Animals - Straight Arrow & the Company 17. Entrance of Jean-Claude - The Giant Pink Sea Snail 18. Something In Your Smile - Dolittle 19. My Friend the Doctor (Reprise) - Straight Arrow 20. The Voice of Protest - Emma & the Company 21. Finale: I've Never Seen Anything Like It (Reprise) - Company 22. My Friend The Doctor (Reprise) - The Company 23. Talk To The Animals (Reprise) - The Company ORCHESTRATION Violin I ; Violin 2 ; Viola ; Cello ; Harp ; Flute ; Clarinet ; Oboe ; Bassoon ; Trumpet ; Trombone ; Horn ; Bass ; Drums ; Percussion ; Keyboards I ; Keyboards 2 ; Keyboards 3. DISCOGRAPHY Original London Cast Recording