Shows D

Scene 8 Huck, Aunt Sally and Silas gather around the ailing Tom Sawyer who asks if Jim is safe. Huck tells him Jim is safe but is locked in the shed. Tom confesses everything and says they must turn Jim loose. Miss Watson has died and in her will has granted Jim freedom. He had only been involved in the whole mess of setting Jim free for the adventure of it. Huck scolds his friend that it wasn’t adventure, that it was serious business; Tom had been shot and Jim gave up his freedom to save him, but he blames himself because he should have known better than to be carried away with such foolishness. Scene 9 Mary Jane is reunited with Huck, as it seems Aunt Sally is an old friend of Uncle Peter’s. She tells him that her real uncles have finally arrived and will take her back to England. They kiss and Mary Jane exits. Jim enters, and is so well dressed that Huck almost doesn’t recognize him. He carries a sack of money that he inherited in Miss Watson’s will. A sound is heard in the reeds, and the King and Duke appear. They look pathetic. They beg Huck and Jim to allow them to travel with them once again. Jim reasons that they might be useful in helping to free his wife and family. Huck and Jim agree that it’s probably time for them to go their separate ways. But, the river brought them together once and may well do so again someday. CAST : - (11-20) - (8 Men/4 Women) : Small Chorus: Aunt Sally Phelps - Tom Sawyer's aunt Doctor Robinson - a local doctor Duke of Bridgewater - a younger carpetbagger Huckleberry Finn - a rambunctious kid Jim - a runaway slave Joanna King of France - an older carpetbagger Mary Jane - a young woman Silas Phelps Susan Tim Collins - an innocient looking young man; full of gossip and chatter Tom Sawyer - his friend MUSICAL NUMBERS: Bound Away - Huck Til Our Good Luck Comes Along - Huck, Jim The Musicale - Duke, King, Huck You've Brightened Up My Day - King, Tim Collins Come Home Runaway - Jim He's On His Way, Hallelujah - Company River Rats - King, Duke, Huck Just Like Love - Mary Jane, Huck What a Grand Day For An Auction Sell - King, Company Downriver - Huck Tom And Huck's Argument - Tom, Huck Shine Down Lord - Jim