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families being torn apart. He assures her that won’t happen and confides that her "uncles" are indeed frauds. He hands her the sack of gold. He tells Mary Jane that he was forced to work with these men for the good of another friend. Mary Jane declares him courageous and brave. The two sing of their growing feelings for one another. Huck tells Mary Jane that he must travel with the King and Duke for a bit longer. He enlists her help in setting a trap. He tells her to send a message to Brickville that "Dr. Robinson has found a cure for the Royal Nonesuch disease." She is utterly confused by the message, but agrees. Scene 4 The King and the Duke discover that the sack of money is missing. Huck feigns innocence and reports that he saw some servants going in and out of their room. They conclude that the slaves have stolen the money. They decide not to say anything and swallow the loss, as the money from the sale will be collected by the bank and will be safe. Scene 5 There is an auction in progress. The King and the Duke aim to sell all the Wilkes’ possessions. Huck and the three girls are also present. In the middle of the auction, Dr. Robinson enters. The Duke suddenly recognises two men from Brickville. They are carrying rifles. He tries to warn the King, who keeps ignoring the signal. The Brickville men are successful in exposing the men as frauds, and the crowd now knows that they are not the long lost Wilkes brothers. The crowd surges noisily and begins to chase the two men with tar and feathers. Mary Jane begs Huck to stay with her, but he insists that Jim is waiting. He promises to return. Mary Jane declares her love. Scene 6 Huck rushes back to the raft to find Jim, but the raft is empty. The King and the Duke emerge from hiding and grab him. Huck insists he played no role in their being exposed. They tell him that they have sold Jim away, and exit on the raft. Huck vows not to rest until he finds his friend. Alone, Huck sings in despai. Midsong, the Duke suddenly slips back and tells Huck that Jim has been sold to Silas Phelps, a few miles downriver. Huck sings a final verse and runs off in search of Jim. Scene 7 On Silas Phelps’ farm, Jim is at work on various chores. Mrs. Sally Phelps anxiously awaits the arrival of her nephew, Tom Sawyer, whom she has not seen in a very long time. When Huck enters, Sally assumes he is her nephew, Tom. Huck is bewildered, but plays along in hopes of rescuing Jim. Sally calls Jim to help with the boy’s bags, and Jim nearly blows Huck’s cover but catches on just in time. Just then, the real Tom Sawyer arrives, carrying his own suitcase. Tom immediately catches on to the plan and introduces himself as Aunt Sally’s other nephew, Sid. Aunt Sally exits. Tom and Huck reunite. Tom is confused, as he thought Huck was dead. Huck promises to explain, but says that the most important thing now is to free Jim. Huck wants to simply steal the key, but Tom craves a more elaborate plan. As Tom sings, he and Huck transform themselves into Indians, wearing breechcloths and war paint. Later that night, Silas brings a bucket of food out to the shed. Unseen, Tom and Huck rush in covering his head with a blanket and bucket carrying on as if Indians. Confused, Jim enters the melee and recognizing Tom and Huck, escapes with them. Exhausted, the trio stops to rest in a clearing. Tom, eager to cause further mischief wants to circle back and make a true mess of the whole situation, leaving the town talking for years to come of the night Indians attacked the town and ran off with a slave. Huck is eager to move on now that Jim is free argues with Tom. Tom can’t understand what’s happened to the fighting, mischievous spirit Huck once had. Huck chides his friend that now is not the time to be foolish with childish games and that their lives could be at risk. Better to run. They hear the sounds of people and dogs approaching and begin to flee when Tom is shot. Huck tells Jim to run, he has his freedom now, but Jim will not leave Tom behind. Jim sends Huck off to fetch a doctor and waits tending to Tom’s wounded leg. Jim prays for Tom to be healed until two men with guns take him away.