Shows "C"

7. The Partner Dance 8. Writing Sequence III - The Happiest Family In London 9. Writing Sequence III - Speed Read Reprise 10. Writing Sequence III - Muse's Incantation 11. My Son, Charles - Reprise 12. No Time For Christmas - Reprise 13. The True Meaning of Christmas CAST: 4 men, 2 women (can be expanded) The play may be performed with as few as six or as many as eleven actors. CHARACTER BREAKDOWN • Chapman (Actor 4): Character Man. Also Hargreaves, Prison Guard, Peddler, Citizen of London, Man at Party, Tailor, Barber, Maitre 'd, A Present. • Charles Dickens (Actor 1): Leading man. A driven and successful writer, but an unhappy man. Young 30's • John Dickens (Actor 2): Character man. Also Peddler, Mr. Trotwood, an orphan, Citizen of London, A Present, Man at Party. • Mrs. Furnival (Actress 2): Character Woman. Also Mrs. Trotwood, Mrs. Dickens, Citizen of London, Peddler, Woman at Party, A Present • Orphan Lady (Actress 1): Ingenue/Young Leading Woman. Also Rachael, "Young Woman" (Charles' muse), Flower Girl, Peddler, Citizen of London, Waitress. • Tim Trotwood (Actor 3): Juvenile. Also young Charles Dickens, Littlest Orphan, Signboard Boy, Citizen of London, Barber's Assistant, Waiter. INSTRUMENTATION: Performance Accompaniment CD (STD) Piano Vocal Score