Shows "C"

4 parts, all principals, plus group of 12 Revellers who are onstage almost the entire time. All play hand musical or rhythm instruments. • Potemkin, actor who sings and dances. • Orphan, actor/singer who dances, legit voice. • Angel, legit voice actress who dances. • Rich, fat character man who dances and sings. • Revellers, pantomime, sing and dance. Total cast, 16-24. SCENES AND SETS: A unit set of basically two levels-a major crudely built platform playing area (could be stage floor or large raked platform) and an upper level. Various small hand props, placards, posters, boxes, mirrors, tinsel curtain, and chairs. ACT I The City. ACT II The Country, the Boy's Garden. PERIOD AND COSTUMES: New Year's Eve: black suit, tattered orphan's rags, angel costume with breakaway wings over mesh bra and bikini with rhinestone pasties and spangles covering vital areas, devil girl costume, rich people's dresses and suits, white fox stole, long underwear, Adam and Eve fig-leaf costumes, costume accessories to create beauticians, barbers, body-builders, Father Time costume, scant belly dancer outfits and masks, masks, masks (some special, but most novelty store items). CHOREOGRAPHY: Modern, whip dance, exotic dances, modern ballet, processions, decorator's dance (placing of strings of artificial flowers around stage in dance), dance of machine puppets, mirror dance by Rich and Orphan, slow ritualistic battle dance. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: Dramatic lighting required. Visual effects, written prop actions for specific dramatic effects. Large, full sun (and overlays for eclipsing same), large shadows of earth-moving machines. Celebration is a highly stylised show. The author offers ten pages of notes with the production script detailing the reasoning, the original production, and suggested script alterations after the fact. He describes the show as a ritual experience - an off-beat musical that is definitely not a musical comedy. It employs masks, visuals, cast members playing rhythm instruments, and so on. A highly dramatic impact piece. Good show for sophisticated little-theatre groups. Celebration (Vocal Score)