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and curls up with her and waits for death. On the eve of the final battle, Roderic and Julian are in their tents looking over the battlefield. Bishop Oppas asks Roderic to let him go to Julian and try to resolve this war. Oppas lies to both Julian and Roderic, he wants this war to rid the land of Roderic and his goal to bring religious freedom to Spain. Julian and Roderic are now resigned to the inevitable. Florinda arrives at the battlefield to find only Theo, who has been left behind. He informs her that it is too late, the battle has begun. Florinda is alone. As the King's scribe, Theo recalls the final battle as Julian and Roderic are slain. Florinda staggers through the smoke and decay of the battlefield looking for Roderic amongst the bodies as the full, horrific devastation of her actions come to light. Eventually she finds Roderic at the bottom of a hill. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. A Place I Am Proud to Call Mine - Tariq, Julian, Marcos, Somal, Ensemble 2. I Will Hold You - Somal, Florinda 3. Little Girl - Julian, Florinda 4. My Dream Came True - I & II - Roderic, Exilona 5. Within These Walls - Gurda, Isabel, Florinda, Girls 6. The Bazaar - The Orchestra (Roderic, Florinda) 7. Why Did I Kiss Her? - Roderic 8. First Kiss - Isabel, Florinda, Exilona, Gurda, Girls 9. Death of Somal - Florinda, Somal 10. A Woman's Hands - Agon, Florinda 11. The Seduction - Florinda 12. Vengeance - Julian 13. Montage - Florinda, Roderic, Servants 14. Say Goodbye - Florinda 15. Berber Dance - Orchestra 16. What Would You Do For Your Child? - Julian, Tariq 17. Theo's Stars/The Wedding - Theo, Isabel, Girls 18. La Cava - Exilona 19. I Fall With You - Julian, Roderic, Berbers, Soldiers 20. Here I Am - Florinda 21. I Stayed Behind & The Battle - Theo, Ensemble 22. Finale Ultimo - Roderic, Florinda CAST King Roderic Florinda Espatorias General Julian Espatorias Agon Queen Exolina Archbishop Oppas Tariq - the Moor Isabel Ezzak Mendez Somal Marcos Cordoba Theo Perez Gurda - The Governess Plus Chorus Original London Cast Recording