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other knock at the door. Agon enters and is confronted by Somal who draws his dagger. Agon quickly retreats and calls for the guards. Florinda and Somal desperately look for another way out. As Somal tries to escape through the window he is stopped by a number of guards whom he manages to fight off. Eventually overpowered Somal makes a final desperate lunge at the King who, with a swift blow from his sword slays the intruder and leaves him to die in the courtyard. Distraught, Florinda sits alone in the Castle Garden. How could her new friend, the King, slay her lover. She will make him pay...somehow. Agon appears as if from nowhere and plants the seed that will change the History of Spain forever. Marcos arrives to tell Florinda that her father has promised him her hand in marriage. Florinda is numb. She needs to think quickly. Florinda advises Marcos that she cannot marry him because she has been "dishonoured, raped", the King has raped her! As Florinda expected, Marcos leaves immediately for tell her Father. The deed is done. Florinda knows what she must do to avenge her love for Somal. She must now seduce the King and destroy him. Act 2 Back in Ceuta, Marcos reveals the news to a distraught Julian. The King was his friend. Twenty nights Florinda has slept and lived as the King's mistress. The King showers Florinda with gifts. One final surprise is an Orange Grove, all the way from Ceuta. She must now face the truth, her hatred for the King has changed to love, a different kind of love than that of Somal. A chance meeting in the Orange Grove with Ezaak, who is being forced to return to Ceuta because he is a Jew, gives her the chance to send a message to her Father that the news from Marcos about the King was not true. Ezaak promises to pass on this new information. Back in North Africa the Berber Dance takes us into the world of Tariq and the Moors. Julian finds his way to Tariq's tent and, in his quest to avenge his daughter, tells him that the King has raped her and reminds him that the King also killed his son Somal. Julian offers Tariq the port of Ceuta and all the gold he can carry out of Spain if he will help him overthrow King Roderic. They clasp hands, united in their quest. Theo and Isabel gaze at the stars as he sings of his love for her. They kiss and Theo leaves as the other ladies engulf Isabel with a wedding song wanting to know all the news. Florinda enters and watches the girls from a distance. Agon, seeing Florinda, quickly informs his Queen that she is in the Ladies' Quarters. A few moments later Queen Exilona enters from the arches above the Courtyard and slowly descends. Distraught in the knowledge of her husband's affair she vents her anger upon Florinda. Ezaak is summoned by Bishop Oppas who has a proposition for him. Ezaak and the Jews may remain in Spain if they will convert to Christianity. The Church will also give each Jew his own piece of land if they joins forces and overthrow King Roderic. Ezaak is horrified, the King is their one true friend, and refuses the Bishop's offer. Oppas tells Ezaak that he betrays his people. Ezaak turns quickly on Oppas telling him that he betrays his King. Ezaak sweeps out of the Bishop's Quarters. Oppas summons his monks to ensure drat Ezaak does not go to King Roderic. Ezaak never reaches Ceuta and Florinda's Father. His body is found in the river, he has been murdered. Florinda and Roderic are in their quarters. She is about to tell him that she carries his child when Captain Dellucia arrives with news from Galaga. Tariq has entered Spain, and by his side rides Julian Espatorias. Roderic is dismayed. Why has Julian invaded and with Tariq, his enemy, at his side? Roderic summons his army and immediately leaves for war. Florinda is devastated and tries desperately to bribe some soldiers for a horse and supplies so she can ride to Roderic and stop this war. No one will help the daughter of Julian Espatorias. Her last hope is the Queen. She enters her Chambers and asks for her help . Exilona orders her out. Florinda tells her that she carries Roderic's child. She then slowly rises and gives Florinda her Coat of Arms medallion which will see her through the castle gates. Florinda leaves. Exilona turns to Agon and exclaims that, "It is over". With Florinda carrying the King's child there is nothing left for her. She takes his ring from her finger and passes it to Agon who is distressed. The Queen silences him with "There is no suffering in death" … Agon pours the contents of the ring into her goblet of wine; she drinks and makes her way to her bed to die. Agon asks the Lord for forgiveness, drinks the remainder of the goblet, moves over to his Queen