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LA CAVA: THE MUSICAL Book by Dana Broccoli, based on her novel. Music by Laurence O'Keefe and Stephen Keeling. Lyrics by John Claflin and Laurence O'Keefe. Addtional lyrics by Shaun McKenna. Additional music by John Cameron Victoria Palace, London - Opened 8 June, 2000: Transferred to Piccadilly Theatre, London 21 August, 2000. Closed 3 February, 2001 SYNOPSIS La Cava is set in the maelstrom of eighth century Spain and Morocco, and is based on a legend concerning the infatuation of King Roderic of Spain with a beautiful young girl whose loyalties are not what they might seem.. STORY Act 1 Florinda, young, beautiful and spirited, lives with her Father, General Julian Espatorias in Ceuta, North Africa where he is Governor. Julian decides to leave for Spain , where Florinda is to spend one year at King Roderic's Court in Toledo, leaving his second in command, Marcos Cordoba, in charge to "Guard this land for your Gothic honour, your God and King Roderic". Florinda is forced to leave behind her childhood sweetheart, Somal, who's Father (Tariq) is leader of the Moors and the cause of much unrest in Ceuta. On board his ship to Spain Julian tries to placate his daughter and assure her that she will be safe in Toledo. Meanwhile in Toledo, King Roderic and his Queen Exilona are engaged in a rare but brief meeting as both have come to welcome Florinda to Toledo. After five years Roderic can still not forgive his Queen who, in her self imprisonment, is detached from life due to one singular mistake. They both reflect on their situation. Over the weeks that follow Florinda fails to settle at Court, as Gurda the Governess, Isabel and the other Ladies declare the virtues of life within the Castle and learning to become the perfect wife. Florinda asks Isabel to help her to escape back to Ceuta. Unfortunately her plan backfires and , via the Castle's Prison , she finds herself in the Stables where she meets a man who says he knows the King very well and swears he will speak to the King and help her return to her homeland. Unbeknownst to her, Florinda has caught the eye and heart of the King. Florinda and Isabel are given permission by the King to visit the market with Agon, the Queen's eunuch, as a guide. Florinda strays from the group and finds herself in another part of the market where she meets her friend from the Stables, who on impulse kisses the young Florinda. Agon appears and witnesses the kiss. He calls her name and she turns immediately. Agon, seeing the man, bows "Your Majesty" … Speechless, Florinda is marched away from the King by Agon. Roderic wanders among the market traders bewildered at his actions. In Tapestry class the next morning Queen Exilona announces that young Isabel, whom Florinda has befriended, is to he married. She announces to Florinda that his name is Theodomere Perez, she will meet him soon and be married in one month. Florinda asks Isabel how she ran marry someone she does not love and has never kissed! Agon, who witnessed the kiss between the King and Florinda , confesses to Bishop Oppas what he has seen and asks what he should do. His love and devotion for his Queen is paramount. The Bishop advises Agon to observe and tell him if it goes beyond a kiss and not to underestimate the Lady Florinda. That evening Florinda is in her bedroom when there is a knock on the door. It is Somal! He could no longer wait and has come for her. El Hajj is at the river with the horses to aid their escape. As they kiss there is an-