Shows "C"

Mistoffelees, Jellylorum, Bombalurina, Cassandra, Demeter, Jennyanydots, featured dancers who sing. SCENES AND SETTINGS 2 acts, large unit set depicting an oversized junk yard containing old auto wheels and parts, bottles, household trash (including catfood boxes and tins), shoes, other discards. Pirate ship. Full moon on backdrop. Period and Costumes 1939, or the present, or a time in space. Costumes are a major part of the Cats concept. Body suits or leotards are the basis of most costumes, painted appropriately for each character. Each has a fuzzy tail and is cinched with a gold chain belt. Matching leg-warmers and similar knit-tubes for wrists and lower arms. Wigs and fur enhance makeup and complete the catlike transformations. Gus the Theatre Cat, Old Deuteronomy and several others have coats made of fake fur. Grizabella has straggly fur cape, tattered feather headdress. Siamese headdresses for Siamese cats. Bulldog heads, Raggedy Ann and Andytype costumes à la comic strips. Growltiger, tigerstriped fake fur outfit, goggled eye, flylike mask and headdress, vest. Mr. Mistoffelees, stretch satin/ fur outfit, many collars, Old Deuteronomy's cloak. CHOREOGRAPHY Jazz, acrobatic, modern ballet, tap, and production numbers. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS Lighting for an eerie nocturnal environment-huge backlighted moon, strings of colored lights, a ring of spotlights above center stage, smoke and fog effects. Christmas lights. NOTES: Cats is a production spectacle. The T. S. Eliot lyrics are greatly enhanced by the Webber score, but it's the costume/ makeup and dynamic production concepts that hold everything together and make the show work. Original Cast Album Film Soundtrack Cats - DVD