Shows "C"

Paula and her new husband, questioning her on the whereabouts of Frank. She tells him not to worry, as does Frank, Sr. Both plead with Frank. While talking to Frank, Sr. at a bar, Hanratty realises that both men had overbearing fathers. Meanwhile, Frank has fallen in love with one of the nurses, Brenda Strong, though she finds him intimidating. He tells her that he has seen the seven wonders of the world, but that none of them compare to her beauty. Brenda brings Frank to meet her family in New Orleans, where he lies that he's a lawyer, a doctor, and a Lutheran to impress her father. Her father does not believe him, but gives him permission to be with Brenda after Frank admits how much he loves her. Brenda's parents, Carol and Roger Strong, tell Frank that they have a family sing-along each night after dinner. Frank proposes to Brenda and she accepts. Shortly before the engagement ceremony, Frank discovers that Hanratty has figured out where he is. He admits the truth to Brenda, telling her his real name: Frank William Abagnale, Jr. He promises to return after escaping from Hanratty. Just as he leaves, Hanratty enters, asking Brenda where Frank went. She laments that she loves Frank and would never tell on him but is tricked into doing so shortly thereafter. The story returns to the opening scene, where Frank is cornered in the airport. The agents escort passengers out of the area, as Frank threatens to run. Hanratty states that he doesn't want to use force, but would have to if Frank ran. Hanratty informs Frank that his father is dead; a drunken Frank, Sr. had fallen down stairs at the bar, breaking his neck. Realising he has nobody, Frank surrenders to Hanratty. Although sentenced to fifty-five years in prison, Frank is released after seven. Shortly after his release, he is hired by Hanratty and the FBI to track down others who committed crimes like his. Hanratty and Frank embrace, noting that their partnership is strange. Before the curtain closes, Hanratty makes Frank keep his promise, telling him how he passed the New Orleans bar exam. Frank tells a surprised Hanratty that he didn't cheat: "I studied." MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. "Live in Living Colour" – Frank Jr. and Company 2. "The Pinstripes Are All That They See" – Frank Sr., Frank Jr, and Ladies 3. "Someone Else's Skin" – Frank Jr. and Company 4. "Jet Set" - Frank Jr. and Company 5. "Live in Living Colour (Reprise)" - Frank Jr. 6. "Don't Break the Rules" – Hanratty and Company 7. "The Pinstripes Are All That They See (Reprise)"† – The Ladies 8. "Butter Outta Cream" – Frank Jr. and Frank Sr. 9. "The Man inside the Clues" – Hanratty 10. "Christmas Is My Favourite Time of Year"† – Partygoers 11. "My Favourite Time of Year" – Hanratty, Frank Jr., Frank Sr., and Paula Act II 12. "Doctor's Orders" – Nurses 13. "Live in Living Colour (Reprise)"† - Frank Jr. 14. "Don't Be a Stranger" – Paula and Frank Sr. 15. "Little Boy Be a Man" – Frank Sr. and Hanratty 16. "Seven Wonders" – Frank Jr. and Brenda 17. "(Our) Family Tree" – Carol, Roger, Brenda, Frank Jr., and Strong Family Singers 18. "Fly, Fly Away" – Brenda 19. "Goodbye" – Frank Jr. 20. "Strange But True" – Frank Jr. and Hantratty