Shows "C"

THE STONE WALL - The warring English and Scots build a wall to separate their nations, but the invasion of the Vikings forces them to unite and throw stones from the wall at their common invader. Instrumentation: piano or orchestra Duration: 6 minutes THE TERRAIN OF THE KINGS * - The Bulls, Horses and Birds agree to share the beautiful land of the French Camargue. Man tries to take over the land, but is beaten off by the combined defences of the animals. Instrumentation: piano or orchestra Duration: 20 minutes * Copyright - BMB, Paris THE WINTER STAR - The star guides children, adults, shepherds and animals and the Courts of the Kings of the Earth in a joyous celebration of the Nativity. Instrumentation: piano, melodic and percussion instruments or orchestra Duration: 20 minutes A Note about Cassations: Cassation is a minor musical genre related to the serenade and divertimento. In the mid-to-late 18th century, cassations commonly comprised loosely assembled sets of short movements intended for outdoor performance by orchestral or chamber ensembles. The genre was popular in southern German-speaking lands. Other synonymous titles used by German-speaking composers and cataloguers included Cassatio, Cassatione and Kassation.[1] An equivalent Italian term was Cassazione. The genre is occasionally alluded to in the titles of some twentieth-century compositions.