Shows "C"

MUSICAL NUMBERS Overture ACT I 1. Venice in Spring (Caporelli and Chorus) 2. Festa Bella (Chorus) 3. Santa Rosa (Paolo with Chorus) 4. Duet: ''When We Were Young (Paolo and Giulietta with Chorus) 5. Entrance of Maggie and Poleigh 6. Duet : Do Come and Call at the Castle (Maggie and Poleigh) 7. Fall In and Follow America (Lisa, Bazzini and Chorus) 8. Carnival and Ballet - (Chorus) 9. Two In a Gondola (Paolo) 10. Entrance of Revellers 11. Two in a Gondola (Paolo, Giulietta and Chorus) 12. I'll be Waiting for Love (Lisa and Chorus) 13. The Return of Paolo (Paolo and Chorus) 14. Finaletto (Paolo and Chorus) 15. ACT II 16. Entr'acte Music. 17. Opening of Act II (Paolo and Chorus) 18. The Mad Manettas (Paolo, Caporello, Bazzini, Binci, and Chorus) 19. Far in the Blue (Lisa and Paolo) 20. Here's a Health (Barolo with Male Chorus) 21. The Harlequinade Ballet. 22. Let me Live! Let me Love! (Giulietta and Chorus) 23. You Look Good to Me (Maggie and Poleigh) 24. Small Cafe (Lisa and Paolo) 25. Television Test (Paolo Off-stage) 26. Carissima (Paolo with Chorus) 27. End of Act II ACT III 28. Entr'acte 29. Opening Dance and Rum-Beguine (Girl Singer and Ballet) 30. Television Music Off-stage 31. This is Good-bye (Giulietta, Paolo, and Chorus) 32. Airport Music 33. Finale : Far in the Blue (Lisa, Paolo, Giuulietta, and Chorus)