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threatens to kill the chief until MRS WOODLAWN bravely intervenes. The scare is over but MRS WOODLAWN scolds CADDIE furiously for taking matters into her own hands at peril of her life. The argument escalates and CADDIE runs away from home. A stop at MARY’S grave provides CADDIE with time to think and understand her mothers position. (A Change in the Wind) The family votes to stay in Wisconsin and brave the wilderness. MRS WOODLAWN and CADDIE reconcile. The family looks forward to becoming part of the tapestry that is Wisconsin (Wisconsin Welcome reprise for bows) CAST (Leading Roles include:) • CADDIE WOODLAWN – Redheaded scamp, reckless and brave, refuses to be "a lady," 13 years old, High-belt Alto • ROBERT IRETON – A cheery Irishman, taken to singing, dancing, and handing out good advice, Bari-Tenor • ANNABELLE GRAY – Cousin to the Woodlawns, a graduate of finishing school, finds Wisconsin “quaint and rustic," Soprano • JOHN WOODLAWN – Caddie’s father, handsome and gentle, with quiet strength, Baritone • HARRIET WOODLAWN – Caddie’s mother, refined, wants the same for her children, Alto • TOMWOODLAWN – Caddie’s mischievous older brother, full of fun and pranks, about 14 years old, Boy Tenor • WARREN WOODLAWN – Caddie’s younger brother, about 10, always trying to keep up with the other two, full of energy, Strong child singer • REVEREND TANNER – The Circuit Rider, hails from Boston, High Baritone • MIXED CHORUS - Men, Women and Children with many featured solos. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Wisconsin Welcome 2. Wisconsin Anthem 3. Graveside Hymn 4. We Are We 5. Tom's Tall Tale 6. The Oath 7. Quaint and Rustic 8. The City of Boston 9. Breeches and Clogs 10. Waiting 11. O'Grady's Fiddle 12. A Change in The Wind 13. Paddy's Lament 14. Epilogue CAST RECORDING