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wedding. Carmelina, aware only that her daughter has run off and her own life is shattered, decides that she is no longer going to live for others - she is going to be a free woman. The Americans - and Vittorio - now realise that Carmelina's motive for her long-time deception was to give her daughter a decent home and a good life, and that in the process she had sacrificed her own happiness. So, as the play ends, Vittorio and Carmelina can now face life together, openly and honestly. CAST (in order of appearance): Bellini Mayor Nunzio Manzoni Vittorio Bruno Rosa Salvatore Signora Carmelina Campbell Signora Bernardi Roberto Bonafaccio Father Tommaso Gia Campbell Walter Braddock Steve Karzinski Carlton Smith Flo Braddock Mildred Karzinski Katherine Smith Father Federico Chorus of townspeople SCENES AND SETTINGS: The action takes place in 1961 somewhere in Italy. Act 1 Scene 1: The Piazza of San Forino. Scene 2: A short time later in Carmelina's house. Scene 3: The wee hours of the following morning. The Piazza. Scene 4: Late morning, the following day. Scene 5: A short time later. Carmelina's house. Scene 6: later. The Piazza. Scene 7: Carmelina's house, late that night. Act 2 Scene 1: Early the following morning. The Piazza. Scene 2: Immediately following. Carmelina's house. Scene 3: A Church. Scene 4: Immediately following. Carmelina's house. Scene 5: Immediately following. The Piazza.