Shows "C"

CARELESS RAPTURE Music and Lyrics by Ivor Novello Book by Christopher Hassall Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London - 11 September, 1936 (295 perfs) SYNOPSIS Michael is the illegitimate brother of Sir Rodney Alderney. They are in love with the same woman, musical comedy star Penelope Lee. In his pursuit of love, Michael follows Penelope from a beauty parlour run by Phyllida Frame to a singing lesson with Mme Simonette, to the home of his rival to the the stage of the Drury Lane Theatre where she is performing in a musical, The Rose Girl with Tony. Michael whisks her away to the bank holiday fair on Hampstead Heath. However, Rodney is posted to China and takes Penelope with him. There she uses her theatrical experience to help out the Fu-Chin Amateur Operatic Society, the leading players being Mrs Winton and Captain Mellish. Michael follows Rodney and Penelope but is caught up in an earthquake. To escape the effects of the earthquake the flees to the mountains where he is captured by bandits. He manages to escape just in time to whisk Penelope away from his brother. CAST: The show requires a large cast, there are 25 named principals (13 male, 12 female) plus a large chorus Lady Triplex Dodo Forest Jimmy Torrence Phyllida Frame Mrs Ripple Penelope Lee/Peggy Michael Mme Simonetti Sir Rodney Alderney Butler Bill Fraser/Li Hiang Lo-Siung Sir Malcolm Denby/Ah Chin Miss Bradley Jack Tony Prince Meilung Judy Lord Twirp Molly Lady Twirp Miss Crane Lao-Lin Mrs Winton Captain Mellish MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Overture; 2. Why is there ever goodbye? (Mme Simonetti); 3. Studio scene (A bit of opera) (Peggy, Mme Simonetti, Michael) 4. Singing Lesson 5. Slow Rhythms of Long Ago 6. The miracle of Nichaow, parts 1 & 2 (Orchestra) 7. Bridge of lovers (Mme Simonetti); 8. The miracle of Nichaow, part 3 ( Orchestra) 9. Music in May (Peggy); 10. Love made the song (Mrs Winton, Captain Mellish) 11. Wait for me 12. Rose ballet;