Shows "C"

2a: PLAY-OFF 2b: INCIDENTAL MUSIC LEAD ME (Ruth) - " The woman's role in life is to adapt herself " 3a: INCIDENTAL MUSIC 3b: INCIDENTAL MUSIC 3c: INCIDENTAL MUSIC UNIVERSAL WHITE KID GLOVES (Ruth, Duncalf Shillitoe and Chorus) - " The polka, the polka " 4a: INCIDENTAL MUSIC—FANFARE 4b: INCIDENTAL Music 4c: INCIDENTAL MUSIC NOBODY THOUGHT OF IT (Denry and Chorus) 5a: REPRISE: NINE TILL FIVE & NOBODY THOUGHT OF IT (Denry and Chorus) 5B: INCIDENTAL MUSIC MOVING ON (Ruth) - " Nothing's working out the way I've planned " 6a: INCIDENTAL MUSC 6b: INCIDENTAL. MUSIC THE ENTERPRISE & COME ALONG AND JOIN US (Denry and Chorus) - " Roll up, come and gather round " 7a: REPRISE: COME ALONG AND JOIN US (Denry) - " When you've got people near you " ACT II ENTR'ACTE THAT'S THE WAY THE MONEY GROWS (Denry, Nellie, Parsloe, Blundell and Chorus) - " You must speculate to accumulate " 8a: INCIDENTAL MUSIC 8b: INCIDENTAL MUSIC 8c: INCIDENTAL MUSIC—FANFARE 8d: INCIDENTAL MUSIC—FANFARE THE CARD (Chorus) - " Just look at me I'm wearing a new hat " 9a: REPRISE: THE CARD (Chorus) - " Your glasses raise to his praise " OPPOSITE YOUR SMILE (Drury and Nellie) - " When I'm opposite your smile " I COULD BE THE ONE (Nellie) - " Once I felt the flame of love would grow " 11a: INCIDENTAL MUSIC NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS (Denry, Ruth and Chorus) - " See this ring, slip it on your finger THE RIGHT MAN (Company) - " Your Grace, Mister Mayor " 13a: INCIDENTAL MUSIC 13b: REPRISE: NOBODY THOUGHT OF IT (Delay and Nellie) - " I never thought of it till now " 13c: REPRISE: HALLELUJAH (Chorus) - " So our Denry then was wed " 13d: REPRISE: THE CARD (Denry and Company)- " I gave them something no one else could " THE CARD (BOWS) - Company) 14a: PLAY-OUT