Shows "C"

8. A Little Bungalow 9. Lucky Boy; Minstrel Days; Monkey Doodle-Doo 10. Take 'Em Away (He's Breakin My Heart) 11. The Tale of a Shirt 12. Tango Melody; Ting-a-Ling (The Bells'll Ring) 13. Too Many Sweethearts 14. We Should Care (Let the Sky Start to Cry) 15. What's There About Me (Why Am I a Hit with the Ladies?) 16. When We're Running a Little Hotel of Our Own 17. Why Do You Want to Know Why? 18. With a Family Reputation CAST • Mr. Hammer • Harpo • Chico • amison • Polly Potter • Robert ‘Bob’ Adams • Mrs. Potter • Penelope • Harvey Yates • Detective Hennessy INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (flute, clarinet, alto sax), Reed II (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax), trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, bass The Cocoanuts + Animal Crackers - DVD Blu-ray