Shows "C"

COCHRAN’S 1929 REVUE Tryouts - 5 March 1929- Palace Theatre in Manchester, England London Pavilion - 27 March 1929 (263 performances.) Selwyn Theatre, Broadway 30 December 1929 (136 perfs) Retitled "Wake Up and Dream" Act I 1. Wake Up and Dream 2. More Incredible Happenings (music and lyrics by Ronald Jeans) 3. I Loved Him (but He Didn’t Love Me) 4. Coppélia (music by Léo Delibes) 5. Operatic Pills 6. Why Wouldn’t I Do? (music and lyrics by Desmond Carter and Ivor Novello) 7. She's Such a Comfort to Me (lyrics by Douglas Furber and Donovan Parsons; music by Arthur Schwartz) 8. The Banjo That Man Joe Plays 9. Entrance of Emigrants 10. Farruca 11. Saragossa Jota Act II 12. What Is This Thing Called Love? 13. Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love * 14. Fancy Our Meeting (lyrics by Douglas Furber; music by Joseph Meyer and Philip Charig) 15. Gothic (music by Johann Sebastian Bach) 16. An Old English Folk Song (music and lyrics by Douglas Furber; Jack Buchanan and Charles Prentice) 17. Romba 18. (After All, I’m) Only a Schoolgirl 19. Which Is the Right Life? 20. I’m a Gigolo * not in Broadway production